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Thus, Lan Ling-Er had lunged at the empty air and had fallen head-first down the stairs.

It was obviously her fault, and yet she was still blaming someone else?

Lan Ling-Er said again, still stubborn, “Brother, you can’t just let it go this time! She almost killed me! Her heart is too vicious!”

“Enough!” Mo Yutian reprimanded her, “Can’t you do anything else other than making trouble? This time it was clearly you who had fallen on your own and you still want to blame Jing Xi?”

Not only was Lan Ling-Er not comforted, but she was being berated. She became even sadder listening to her brother speaking on Jing Xi’s behalf.

“Sob… Sob… Brother, you’re too biased! You’ve reprimanded me on behalf of an outsider! Am I still your sister?”

Mo Yutian had always been lenient towards her and that was why she had become so unreasonable today. Right now, he was very disappointed with her behavior. “I warn you, Ling-Er, if you create more trouble again, I will send you back to Estan.”

After Mo Yutian finished his words, he immediately stood up and left the studio.

“Brother, brother…” Lan Ling-Er shouted but he would not turn back.

Sha Labi came over to help lift her up and asked her what to do next.

“What can I do? Continue the shoot!”

She didn’t want to go back to Estan in dejection.

After Lan Ling-Er stood up, she went directly to the director and requested for him to continue the shoot.

The entire studio was back to business again after everyone had watched a real-life drama for free.

Though everyone was silent, they all knew one thing in their hearts, that was: Lan Ling-Er, this young lady of a wealthy family, had an unreasonable temper they could not dare approve.

In the future, it was best to be very careful when dealing with her.

Wandou, who was on the sides, was angry at what she saw. She muttered, “Really, who the hell does she think she is? She was the one who fell down on her own and yet she still wanted to put the blame on our Sister Jing Xi? She is really too much!”

“She’s just a petty little clown trying to do mischief. Don’t mind her.” Xu Xiyan sat down on a chair and drank some water, with it seeming that everything just now had nothing to do with her.

In her eyes, Lan Ling-Er was just a clown performing her antics. Everything she did was dumb to the extreme.

Doesn’t she know that you reap the whirlwind for the wind you have sown?

A text message came to her mobile phone. It was from Tang Yichen’s lover, Liang Lan. She had sent some photos of Ying Bao.

Classes had resumed in both Peijing Experimental Primary School and the kindergarten. Ying Bao and Tang Feimo had returned to school.

They were photos of her daughter playing happily with the other children in the kindergarten, eating her meals obediently, and concentrating on her handicraft work. After seeing them, Xu Xiyan felt relieved.

At noon break, Mu Chenguang came over and sat with Xu Xiyan. He glanc

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