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Excited by the thought, Yang Wenxue smiled and walked towards Jing Xi.

“Jing Xi, you’re finally here. Are you okay?” Yang Xuewen asked when they entered the dressing room.

“I’m fine,” Xu Xiyan replied and shook her head.

“That’s good. Please take good care of your body,” Yang Xuewen said and took something out from behind her. “This is a protective pillow that my mother made. You can rest on this when you feel tired. The cassia seeds in it are also good for your eyes too.”

“I can’t accept such a gift. You should keep it for yourself.” Xu Xiyan rejected the gift as soon as she heard that it was made by Yang Xuewen’s mother. “Your mother sure is good at making things.”

“Thank you. Then I’ll ask my mum to make one for you when she’s free,” Yang Xuewen said as she secretly rolled her eyes. “Oh, I noticed that Lan Ling’er is giving you all sorts of trouble, will you be all right?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Seriously, there’s a limit to how arrogant a foreigner can be in our country. If Mr. Huo knows about it, she will be in deep trouble.”

Xu Xiyan did not want to talk about it further and said, “I have to get changed now. See you later.”


With her makeup on, Xu Xiyan got up and left.

Yang Xuewen stood behind Xu Xiyan and waited until she left before she lost the smile on her face and replaced it with hatred.

Only with a plan to force Xu Xiyan out of the studio could she take her revenge on her.

She had to come up with an excuse to get Xu Xiyan out of Peijing.

Yang Qiong felt that she had to look for her sponsor for her plan to work. The person had political power and was in charge of the cultural department.

Xu Xiyan looked for the person in charge of costumes and was handed a light blue Chinese dress. Wan Dou came over and took the dress.

“This is so pretty!” Wan Dou exclaimed. “You’ll definitely look like an angel if you wear this!”

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to try the dress on, it was snatched away.

Wan Dou turned and noticed that the dress was taken away by Lan Ling’er’s assistant, Sha Labi.

“Hey, give that back!” Wan Dou scolded

“Oh, I’m sorry, but Miss Lan wants this dress!”

“Is there something wrong with her? She’s the main actress here, why does she even want the dress of the second lead?” Wan Dou asked.

“Who cares? As long as she wants it, she will get it!”

As Wan Dou wanted to continue to argue, Xu Xiyan pulled her back and stopped her with a look.

Sha Labi thought that Xu Xiyan was afraid of Lan Ling’er and took the dress away happily.

“This is going far enough!” Wan Dou scolded after Sha Labi had left. “Who does Lan Ling’er think she is? The president’s daughter?”

Wan Dou would’ve launched herself at Sha Labi if Xu Xiyan had not held her back in time.

“All right, calm down,” Xu Xiyan said “Can you help me get two drinks? Get yourself one too.”

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