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She was already married and had a child. Furthermore, both husband and wife seemed very loving toward each other. He would not do anything to her anymore because he knew to do the right thing by not snatching the wife of a friend.

“I had no idea. Mr. Huo is really blessed!”

“Thank you.”

The two men valiantly downed their wine in one go.

Only admiration and envy lingered in Helian Qingyu’s eyes. He envied Huo Yunshen’s good fortune. Compared to him, his situation was a bit sad.

All because of the woman beside him: Li Ruochu.

He had told her to stay in Estan obediently, but she did not listen and came to Zstan in secret.

This girl was simply naughty. Wait til he teaches her a lesson tonight!

They had a harmonious dinner. Helian Qingyu had made an appointment in advance: The next time Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan come over to Estan, he would definitely invite them over to his residence.

After the meal, Huo Yunshen got someone to send Wandou home before taking his wife home.

Helian Qingyu stayed at the hotel, detaining Li Ruochu with him.

Li Ruochu saw that they were leaving and shouted for help, “Jing Xi, don’t leave me! Help me!”

She didn’t want to stay with this devilish man!

Xu Xiyan had long figured out what the deal was between the two. She had to let them solve their relationship problems by themselves. Furthermore, General Helian had come from thousands of miles away just to pursue her. She had better not interfere in their affairs.

“Sister Ruochu, since General Helian has something important to discuss with you, you should stay. See you tomorrow morning.”

Xu Xiyan left with Huo Yunshen. Li Ruochu looked at Helian Qingyu with horrified eyes. The expression on the face of the man was not right.

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“You! Come with me!” Helian Qingyu grabbed her wrist and dragged her into his room.

The door slammed shut with a loud thump. Li Ruochu was flung onto the big soft bed, her body bouncing up and down on it upon impact. Her mind was fuzzy.

The man in front of the bed unfastened the belt of his military uniform, and then the collar hook of his coat…

After the man took off his coat, he threw it carelessly onto the sofa.

He loomed over her, glaring at her icily and imposingly like an emperor. Li Ruochu felt her heart skip a beat.

She cried inwardly: It’s over.

Li Ruochu pulled the blanket up to cover herself. She said, terrified, “Helian Qingyu, I warn you! Don’t try to mess with me! We are in Zstan and this is not a place you can do whatever you want. If you dare touch a single hair on me, I’ll sue you for intending to rape me! I’ll see how you are going face the consequences as the supreme commander of the three armed forces!”

A look of disdain flashed across the man’s eyes as though he was mocking her. What a melodramatic person, he thought.

After undoing the buttons and the cuffli

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