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At this moment, as Mo Yutian was about to get into his car, another black Rolls-Royce came down from the slope, crashing into the back of Mo Yutian’s car with a loud bang.

Mo Yutian’s car was pushed forward, the front of it hitting a stone pillar at the entrance of the hotel. The hood and the trunk of his car even sprang open due to the damage to both the front and back of the car.

In an instant, his luxury car had turned into useless scrap.

Who was that?

How was it possible to collide into someone’s car in front of the hotel?

And who had the audacity to crash directly into the luxury car of a big boss?

Everyone fixed their gaze on the scene. They discovered that after this black Rolls-Royce had crashed into Mo Yutian’s car and sent it flying, it took the spot where Mo Yutian’s car was, parking firmly on it.

And this car was not damaged at all.

The door of the car opened and a pair of spotless black leather shoes touched the ground, followed by an aristocratic figure coming out of the car.

The man had a well-chiseled face; his facial features were extraordinary handsome and his eyes dark and sharp. He was exuding a strong air of indifference.

His shirt was crisply ironed and the gem on his cufflinks shone dazzlingly, all of which highlighted the man’s unique taste.

It was Huo Yunshen!

Xu Xiyan knew that her husband had come when she saw the license plate on the car, but she did not expect that he would show up this way.

He had forced his love rival away while standing his ground firmly like a mountain.


Wondering if he had injured his head, Xu Xiyan immediately went up to him and asked him worriedly, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Huo Yunshen answered tenderly, then looked over at the man before him, insolence and wickedness flashing across his eyes. “It’s just that I’ve just accidentally hit Mr. Mo’s car. Sorry about that, how about I repay you with a new one?”

What did he mean by “accidentally?”

It was obviously he who had deliberately driven his car into his, okay?

Mo Yutian was so furious that he was lost for words, but in front of Jing Xi, he had to suppress his emotions. “No need. It’s only a car.”

“My, Mr. Mo is really extravagant!” Huo Yunshen said mockingly, curving his lips slightly. After finishing his words, he wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist and said to her tenderly, “Let’s go home, Dear!”


Huo Yunshen opened the door of his car, shielded Xu Xiyan’s head from the roof of the car with a hand as she got into the passenger seat, then leaned over to help her fasten her seat belt considerately.

After the seat belt was fastened, Huo Yunshen directly kissed his lovely little wife in front of Mo Yutian.

After he was done kissing her, Huo Yunshen went around the car, got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Beep! Beeep!” Huo Yunshen slapped on the steering wheel, sounding the horn to alert Mo Yutian to get out

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