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After Xu Xiyan told Xue Yating of her plan, they began their preparations for the escape.

With makeup, Xu Xiyan changed Xue Yating’s face into the face of a normal person and let Xue Yating wear her clothes. She also made some changes to herself too.

Xu Xiyan disguised herself as Xue Yating and lay on the bed while Wan Dou left the room with Xue Yating.

“Sis, if my dad finds out that you’re here in my place, he would…” Xue Yating voiced her worries.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan, hurry up and go,” Xu Xiyan urged as she lay down on the bed.

Yet before they could even leave, one of the guards came in and noticed the two nurses were still in there.

“Are you two done yet? Hurry up and leave!” the guard scolded.

“All right, we’re leaving,” Wan Dou said while sending a message to Xu Xiyan with her eyes and leaving with Xue Yating.

They left the building and went straight into Ye Xun’s car

They did not leave and waited for Jing Xi

After the guards were sure that their young miss was still lying on the bed quietly, they closed the door and left

As soon as the door closed, Xu Xiyan jumped down from the bed and climbed out the window.

Xu Xiyan had studied the structure of the hospital beforehand and knew that every room had an outdoor unit for its air conditioner and a water pipe that led to the ground.

Anyone could leave if they got to the pipe using the outdoor unit.

Yet, when Xu Xiyan opened the window, she noticed that bars were set up and the only way to leave through the window was to remove them.

Since it was the only way, Xu Xiyan took out a hacksaw blade that she had prepared and began to saw through the bars.

After a few minutes, she finally removed the bars, but the sound from sawing through them also attracted the attention of the guards.

They barged into the room and noticed that their young miss was trying to escape through the window.

“Young miss! Stop! Don’t do anything stupid!” one of the guards shouted as he advanced towards Xu Xiyan with the other guard.

One of the guards grabbed Xu Xiyan by her ankle. Xu Xiyan tried to free herself, but his grip was tight. The only choice she had was to go all out.

She raised her other leg and locked the guard’s head with both of her legs before twisting it.

The guard fainted instantly while the other guard lunged towards her. Xu Xiyan kicked both of her legs up and sent the guard flying into the wall.

The impact was so powerful that the guard fainted while blood dripped from his mouth.

Even though Xu Xiyan had taken care of the two guards, the commotion also attracted the remaining guards. They were all shocked by the force that their young miss had shown when they came into the room.

Without thinking about it, Xu Xiyan jumped onto the outdoor unit and climbed down the pipe carefully.

“Young miss!” the guards shouted as they ran to the window and stared at the girl descending towards the ground.


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