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Xu Xiyan let Linda pause her make-up and turned her head around, the silver ornaments on her head swinging. She looked up and down at Lan Ling-Er, and then asked Xiao Ge, “Why? Doesn’t she have her own private dressing room?”

What she meant was: Lan Ling-Er could take the private dressing room for herself. Why take the second female lead actor’s dressing table?

Lan Ling-Er’s assistant Sha Labi explained, “Miss Lan Ling-Er hasn’t acclimated herself yet. This spot has better air circulation.”

Huh, what kind of an excuse is that?

Wasn’t it obvious that she was purely trying to pick on her?

Xu Xiyan really wanted to know: Since when had she offended this lady?

“Well, Sister Jing Xi… Miss Lan Ling-Er has just arrived. We stage managers were having a hard time regarding this, you know… and also, Director Huang…” Xiao Ge spoke to Jing Xi in a hushed voice. Just now, the director had said that Miss Lan Ling-Er was recommended by Tianyu. They were a strong backer of hers and it was a bad idea to offend them, so they had no choice but to find ways to negotiate with them.

Xu Xiyan understood Huang Guoqiang’s difficulties. Sometimes, it was very tough being a director when the investors exert pressure.

If it wasn’t for Huang Guoqiang’s sake, Xu Xiyan would not be easily persuaded.

Xu Xiyan said nothing and immediately got up from her spot, and Xiao Ge took her to the private dressing room that was meant for the first female lead actor.

It wasn’t a bad thing to use a separate dressing room anyway. It would save her some trouble too.

Xu Xiyan had no scenes in the afternoon. After finishing her shoot in the morning, Huo Yunshen came to pick her up personally and they rushed to the TV station.

Today was the last day of recording of the show “Advance, Little Kids” Ying Bao was participating. The couple had agreed to the child attending the show as a cheering guest.

The last part of the program was “Let’s Guess, Little Kids.” There was a total of five little kids participating in the program. The program team would invite their parents on stage to join them.

They would have to stand behind some props and extend one hand out. Then, the five little kids would be blindfolded and hold their own color bracelets and go touch the hands of the adults one by one.

This was to test the tacit understanding between the children and their parents and see which child was able to find his or her parents quickly and accurately.

The show began. Ten parents put on their masks and stood behind a door prop. They were also asked to remove whatever accessories they were wearing on their hands.

The five little kids in front of the stage were also ready. Every one of them had a pair of bracelets of the same color.

The first child’s bracelet was purple. Under the guidance of the host, he went up to the stage to touch the adults’ hands. After touching them one by one, he put two bracelets on the two adult hands that h

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