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He looked at the girl lying on the bed. Her face was flushed red; she looked fuzzy-minded as she kept tearing at her clothes.

He tested her body temperature with the back of his hand. She was really scorching.

The muddy-minded Xu Xiyan felt a chill flowing down from the top of her head. She caught his hands subconsciously.

Mo Yutian’s hand was caught by her two delicate hands. The woman rubbed her face on his palm weakly, the scorching temperature passing through his skin into his veins, penetrating into his body like a strong electric current.

He could feel the heat and blood flowing all over from his body to a certain place at his loins.

She had just touched him, and he already had a reaction?

Since when had his restraint become so bad?

Mo Yutian’s body reacted, but his mind was still clear. He frowned as he asked, “You drugged her?”

“Yeah! I’ve given her some drugs so you could sit back and enjoy. See, your sister’s being very good to you!”

In front of her brother, Lan Ling-Er was just a girl in her early twenties who had a very playful heart, and she was the kind of person who would not care about the consequences of whatever she did. Drugging Jing Xi was probably like playing house to her.

In fact, she was very hateful in her heart. She hated that her brother liked Jing Xi. She hated that Jing Xi had occupied her brother’s heart.

Her brother could only be hers. It was only right that her brother could only pamper her alone forever!

Mo Yutian didn’t need Lan Ling-Er’s help at all; it was more of a hindrance. Now he regretted agreeing to her request and bringing her over to Zstan.

“Good? Do you know how much of a troublemaker you are?”

Mo Yutian was worried about what would happen next. Huo Yunshen was certainly not going to leave the matter at that. If he were to come after her, Mo Yutian had to find a way to protect Lan Ling-Er’s life.

He had lost his younger brother, Long Luo, and he could not afford to lose his sister, Lan Ling-Er.

Yes, Lan Ling-Er was Mo Yutian’s sister, his only biological sister. She had taken her mother’s surname. Since she was little, she was a very precious thing to him that he had to treat and protect with great care.

After taking over Tianyu, he took up the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings. Perhaps he had over-pampered Lan Ling-Er, causing her to grow into a bold and unreasonable woman with an arrogant and domineering character.

For so many years, if it wasn’t for him secretly cleaning up the messes she created, how would she have survived until today?

Now, she had boldly captured Jing Xi; her actions were equivalent to offending Huo Yunshen. If Huo Yunshen were to flare his temper, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

The most pressing matter at hand now was to protect Lan Ling-Er. Mo Yutian promptly ordered his men to do something. At the same time, he called the doctor and the doctor gave Jing Xi a shot t

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