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Chapter 802: So Bold To Abduct Someone

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Not only did they not go away, but they managed to find the precise coordinates of Li Ruochu’s location and stop her in time.

Li Ruochu did not expect that those soldiers would still stay at the same place. Before she could even do her makeup and disguise herself as a grandmother, the door of the celebrity van was opened by the soldiers by force.

The soldiers stood in two lines with their guns pointed at them. Between them, the young officer they had seen in the morning walked up to them and said, “Miss Li, we’ve finally found you. Please go back with our young master Qing!”

Li Ruochu braced herself and looked outside. Behind the adjutant Rong Wei stood a tall and handsome figure. The man was wearing a military uniform and had a dark look on his face. There was a strong and domineering air about him.

They could not help but gasp at the sight of him.

He had actually come to catch her in person?

Seeing that Li Ruochu did not budge, the man who was called “young master Qing” stepped forward himself. He glared at Li Ruochu like a fierce tiger, a trace of anger flashing in his eyes.

“Get out of the van!”

This was his order.

“I don’t want to get off.”

Li Ruochu refused to get out from the van, but the man directly grabbed her wrist, attempting to pull her out from the van by force.

Xu Xiyan could not just sit idly by and watch. Are these people robbers? Who are they who are so bold to abduct someone in the middle of the night?

“Let her go!” Xu Xiyan took Li Ruochu’s arm in time and pulled her to her side. “Who are you people? Why are you capturing her?”

That voice…

After suddenly hearing Xu Xiyan’s voice, Helian Qingyu raised his eyebrows and turned around to look at her incredulously.

His cold and sharp eyes fell on the girl’s beautiful face. As he met her beautiful gem-like eyes, Helian Qingyu was shocked speechless.

Xu Xiyan furrowed her brow as she snatched Li Ruochu’s arm back from the man’s grip. She warned him, “This is Peijing, a peaceful society ruled by law. If you dare take her away, we will call the police!”

Xu Xiyan did not call the police, but she had secretly contacted Huo Yunshen.

Helian Qingyu’s tightly pursed lips now curled into an icy frown. He immediately ordered his adjutant, “Take them all away!”

“Hey, you guys…”

She was utterly helpless. There were many soldiers and every one of them had a gun. Xu Xiyan, Li Ruochu, and Wandou were directly taken away.

Fortunately, the soldiers did not harm them; the three of them were brought to the 806 Hotel in the Peijing Military District.

Xu Xiyan knew about the 806 Hotel. This was the hotel the country used to specially receive military and political figures. Those who were not soldiers or had no business were not allowed to come near the hotel.

She was very curious now. She wondered who exactly this man

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