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Originally, she had planned to endure it and strive to pass this take, but it was getting more and more itchy, so much so that she even forgot her dance routine. She could only stop and reach out an arm to scratch her back.

The director noticed that she had interrupted the performance and asked, “What’s going on?”

“It’s okay, Director. One more time, please.”

Lan Ling-Er had never encountered such an awkward situation before, but fortunately, the itch was temporary.

At the second take, the same thing happened again. The shoot was interrupted halfway through and everyone was watching her scratch herself like a monkey.

If this went on, everyone was going to feel an itch—to laugh.

Many people were snickering. The director said, “Did you not take a bath? Go to bathe yourself now and don’t make all of us wait for you.”

Lan Ling-Er felt like dying of embarrassment. If the director had asked her whether she had taken a bath, was he implying that she was unhygienic?

She had no idea what was going on. The itch came and went whenever it wanted. Now she no longer felt itchy, so she resumed her shoot.

Unfortunately, the third, the fourth… up to the tenth take, almost the same thing happened, interrupting the shoot.

Lan Ling-Er’s body felt very itchy, so itchy that she could feel it in her heart too. She had no choice but to stop shooting entirely.

Back in her private resting lounge, Lan Ling-Er took off her veil. Sha Labi gasped, “My goodness! What is this?”

Lan Ling-Er turned her back at the mirror. She screamed, “Aaaaaahhh!”

Her back was originally smooth and flawless, but now because of the itch and her constant scratching, her entire back looked as though it had been ravaged by a cat and it was covered by red, worm-like scars. It was a shocking sight.

One must know that the body part she was most proud of was her beautiful back.

Whenever she had to attend an event, she would always wear a halter dress. She had even exposed her back during a commercial shoot. She once said in an interview that she was most satisfied with her beautiful back.

However, for a star with the nickname of “Angel with a Beautiful Back,” it was shocking to see her back in this state now.

Lan Ling-Er’s screams were so loud that they were about to break through the ceiling. Xu Xiyan, who was having her makeup touched up next door, curved her lips lightly as she heard her screams.

Wandou had to hand it to her lady boss and had to give her a thumbs up.

Originally, Wandou was still angry with Lan Ling-Er’s assistant, Sha Labi, for snatching Xu Xiyan’s costume. But now, thinking of Lan Ling-Er’s embarrassing performance on the set and her pig-in-the-slaughterhouse scream, she felt very pleased.

No one knew that her lady boss had studied medicine with her grandfather since she was young. Clever and mischievous, she had studied some ancient books and had learned to make this curious itching powder.

At the

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