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Mo Yutian found his footing and rubbed the blood on his lips as he stared at Huo Yunshen furiously.

It was the second time he was hit by Huo Yunshen when he was defenseless.

“And why do you think you can do that?” Huo Yunshen scolded as he grabbed Mo Yutian’s collar.

“Why can’t I?” Mo Yutian asked back.

Huo Yunshen was slightly taller than Mo Yutian, and the former looked at the latter with his head slightly tilted down.

Because there were people that he wanted to protect, Huo Yunshen was on full defense mode, his eyes glaring with killing intent.

Xu Xiyan was worried that they would start a fight in the room.

Yet they did not and brought it outside instead.

Huo Yunshen pushed Mo Yutian out of the room.

It was a battle that could not be avoided.

Both of them stared at each other as they stood on the roof, their clothes flapping in the strong wind.

“You really tried everything just to get your hands on Jing Xi, huh?” Huo Yunshen scolded. “From the marrow transplant last time to the broken elevator yesterday, it was all you, am I right?”

“I admit that I was behind the transplant, but what happened yesterday was not me!”

“Not you? Do you think that I have no idea that LK is one of your companies? It’s also a way for you to get closer to Jing Xi!”

“So what?” Mo Yutian admitted that LK was his, but it did not mean that he was responsible for the elevator.

“I’ve warned you that I won’t go easy on you if you try to make a move on my wife!”

“Really? I don’t remember that!”

Mo Yutian was not afraid of Huo Yunshen’s threat.

He would not have gone to the hospital alone if he was not prepared.

“Then don’t blame me for not going easy on someone who’s disabled! I’ll only defend for the first 10 attacks!”

Mo Yutian got angrier as Huo Yunshen called him “disabled” and gripped his fists tightly.

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It was time for them to find out who was better between them.

Mo Yutian made the first move and threw a punch towards Huo Yunshen’s face which he dodged.

It wasn’t until Mo Yutian launched his first 10 attacks that Huo Yunshen started attacking back.

They exchanged punches like a storm rampaging through the roof, every attack aimed at the weakest part of a human body.

In the end, Mo Yutian was still not a match for Huo Yunshen. Even though he could keep up at the beginning, it became harder as the fight went on.

All because of his prosthetic leg.

Mo Yutian could only endure the hits from Huo Yunshen as he could not react to them until his body was thrown to the edge of the roof by one of Huo Yunshen’s kicks.

Huo Yunshen landed a punch on Mo Yutian’s nose and stopped.

“It’s your loss! Don’t ever try to get near Jing Xi again!” Huo Yunshen warned and left.

Mo Yutian stared at the person that had his back to him and was sure of one thing.

He was a hundred perc

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