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Lan Ling’er thought of a way to make a scene. She thought of pushing Jing Xi on her back, thinking that she would cry out loud because of the pain.

Without any hesitation, she took a step and pushed her hand forward.

Yet she completely forgot that Jing Xi would move on during the scene. Jing Xi was supposed to turn and speak her line.

“All right, I’ll give you a chance.” Jing Xi followed the script and turned.

However, what she saw was not Lan Ling’er ready to continue with her line, but that she was instead rushing towards her with her hand in front of her like a person with bad eyesight.

Lan Ling’er could not stop herself, and she fell off the stage and rolled down the stairs.

Before Jing Xi could even react, Lan Ling’er was already at the bottom of the stairs.

Even the other people were stunned until Lan Ling’er let out cries of pain.

The crews quickly rushed to her to check on her.

“Miss Lan! Are you all right?”

“Are you hurt anywhere? Should we call an ambulance?”

“Can you move your arms and legs?”

Huang Guoqiang was also thrown into panic as he quickly asked their medical staff to check on Lan Ling’er.

He was afraid that if anything would’ve happened to Lan Ling’er, the Tianyu Group would never forgive him.

The medical staff checked on her and concluded that she was only in shock and did not sustain any injuries.

The crews immediately let out sighs of relief.

It was a miracle that Lan Ling’er did not sustain any injuries from the fall that consisted of 34 stairs.

Even though she was fine, Lan Ling’er was still crying on the floor.

“Jing Xi pushed me! Jing Xi pushed me off the stairs!” Lan Ling’er cried.

The staff was confused as they could clearly see that she had fallen down the stairs herself.

Xu Xiyan could not help but laugh in her head for how stupid Lan Ling’er was.

It wasn’t long before Mo Yutian got the news and rushed to the scene.

As soon as he got the message from Sha Labi, he rushed to the studio as fast as he could since he was just around the corner.

Lan Ling’er noticed that her brother came and cried even worse.

“Big bro! Jing Xi pushed me! She pushed me off the stairs! You have to punish her!” Lan Ling’er cried as she grabbed Mo Yutian’s sleeve.

It was at that moment the crews finally learned of Lan Ling’er’s relationship with Mo Yutian and found an explanation to her arrogance.

Mo Yutian looked at Jing Xi. He knew that she was not the type of person that would commit such acts. He would’ve believed it if his sister was the one who had pushed Jing Xi.

Mo Yutian did not question Jing Xi but went to the director instead.

Huang Guoqiang showed Mo Yutian the recording of the moment when Lan Ling’er fell off the stage.

Mo Yutian noticed that at the moment of the incident, Jing Xi had her back to Lan Ling’er.

The recording also showed that his sister was trying to push Jing Xi, but she avoided it by turning aro

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