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The video showed a person being skinned and deboned, it was terrifying.

Xu Xiyan did her best to watch the video until the video slowly moved towards the person’s pale face.

It was Xu Xinrou.

Xu Xiyan recognized her instantly.

Not only was she skinned and deboned, but her flesh was also even fed to the crocodiles.

A chill could be felt down Xu Xiyan’s spine as she watched while the crocodiles fought over Xu Xinrou’s flesh.

The only person Xu Xiyan could think of who could’ve done this was Mo Yutian.

Xu Xinrou finally got her punishment from both Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian because she tried to harm Xu Xiyan.

Even though she ended up as crocodile food, Xu Xiyan did not feel any pity for her.

The investigation would’ve ended instantly if Xu Xiyan handed the video over to the police, but she did not do so. If the video was made public, it would’ve caused panic among the people.

Xu Xiyan asked Wan Dou to destroy the thumb drive and treated it as if Xu Xinrou was really missing.

Because of the incident with their main female lead going missing, Tianyu found another actress for “Beauty of the World,” the actress Lan Ling’er.

Lan Ling’er was hailed as the “Nation Goddess” by the people in Estan, and everyone knew who she was.

The drama garnered more attention as soon as news about Lan Ling’er joining the drama spread, and she was searched online even more than Jing Xi.

Another benefit with having Lan Ling’er joining them was that it would be easier to promote the drama in Estan.

Because the first few episodes of the drama had already aired online, the writers had no choice but to edit the script.

Since they stopped filming when Yun QIngge tried to poison Yun Qingchen, they could just end Yun Qingchen’s life as it was.

Lan Ling’er showed up at the studio in the afternoon, accompanied by a large group of people.

It was easy to see that Lan Ling’er was a demanding person from the people she brought with her.

Even though the crew had prepared a separate waiting room for her, she did not go there and instead went to where Jing Xi was.

A woman suddenly showed up in Xu Xiyan’s mirror while she was putting on her makeup.

The woman had a refined oval face with long purple curly hair. She moved elegantly and wore limited edition clothing.

The diamond bracelet on her arm could even buy a house.

Xu Xiyan had read the news and information regarding Lan Ling’er and knew she was an actress from Estan.

Lan Ling’er stood behind Jing Xi but her face was dark and unhappy. It was as if she had some grudge against Xu Xiyan.

No matter how hard Xu Xiyan recalled, she could not find the reason that she was being stared at with hatred.

“I want to use this dresser!” Lan Ling’er told her manager, Salabi.

Salabi quickly ran to the person in charge and told him that Lan Ling’er had a request.

Not long after, the stage manager, Xiao Ge, came to discuss with Xu Xiyan, hopin

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