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“I noticed that this Qin Linlin really looks like Jing Xi,” Yang Qiong explained. “I was even shocked when I first saw her on the news.”

“She even has a fake version of her now?” Xu Xinrou scolded. “How funny!”

“And that’s why we can use her,” Yang Qiong said. “Why don’t we use her to make a scandal saying Jing Xi has cheated?”

“This is a great idea! It’ll be interesting to watch!” Xu Xinrou smiled slyly.

Xu Xinrou had no idea that her hatred towards Xu Xiyan would also affect her job.

Xu Xinrou would always stare at Xu Xiyan with hatred and jealousy, even during the recording.

After Huang Guoqiang checked the videos, he had a feeling that Yun Qingchen was slowly turning into the antagonist.

He scratched his chin and wondered if it would best if he changed the script.

Since Huang Guoqiang had experience in modifying the script during the shooting period, he planned to do the same to “Beauty of the World.”

When the drama was shooting the 250th scene, the first five chapters began to air online.

Because of how Huo Zhiliu died at the beginning of the drama, the viewers could not find themselves hating the female antagonist.

The discussion online all pointed out that Yun Qingge looked more like the main character instead.

The netizens all liked the fact that Yun Qingge would fight for her love, and most of them supported the character.

They liked how she was going to take her revenge on the emperor.

For that, Huang Guoqiang did a poll like the one he did for “Root of Evil” last time.

The title of the poll was {Who’s the better main character? Yun Qingchen or Yun Qingge?}Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

If Yun Qingchen won the poll, then they would continue as planned.

If Yun Qingge won, then he just had to turn Yun Qingchen into the antagonist instead.

Xu Xinrou saw the poll online and knew that danger was closing in.

What are they doing? Xu Xinrou scolded. Are they trying to give the main character to Xu Xiyan? How could they do that?

Xu Xinrou quickly made a hate comment on Jing Xi.

[Jing Xi is just a bitch! All boobs and no brains! Her acting sucks, and she only knows how to attract men with her face!]

She did not expect the people to get angry at her as soon as she commented.

Since she forgot to change out of the main account, she posted the comment under her own name.

As soon as Jing Xi’s fans noticed that Xu Xinrou was talking about Jing Xi online, they quickly refuted her, writing down worse comments than the one she wrote.

[How shameless can you be? How dare you talk bad about Little Xixi online! Die!]

[Do you even have a brain? You’re the worst shit out there! A public toilet for men!]

[I hope that you’ll have worse luck than having a miscarriage!]

[You’re such a whore!]

[Do you know why Chu Yuhe and your kid had to die? It’s called retribution!]

More than 1,000 comments were left under Xu Xinrou’s comment,

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