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Huo Yunshen felt that her body temperature was terribly high. Her body was hot and scorching.

But as he saw her restless behavior, Huo Yunshen quickly realized something. “Have you been drugged?”

Her various behaviors showed that she was indeed drugged.

Xu Xiyan was at her limits and felt terribly uncomfortable all over. Her heart especially felt as though there were countless ants biting her; it was so intolerable that she felt like stripping herself naked.

She slid off him and nestled herself in Huo Yunshen’s arms, resting her head on his shoulder, biting him on his shoulder whenever she could not stand it.

Huo Yunshen was also starting to become restless by her actions. He quickly ordered the helicopter pilot to land at the Qingyun Residence.

Here was the nearest lodging. Upon landing, Huo Yunshen carried Xu Xiyan off the helicopter and headed towards the Qingyun Residence.

As soon he entered through the door, Xu Xiyan could no longer restrain herself. She pressed her scorching body against his and hugged him, clinging onto him tightly.

It was much more comfortable to hug the man’s cool body, but she still wanted more.

Just as she turned her head up, Huo Yunshen had lowered his, kissing her.

In that instant, passion ignited between them like a great flame, sparked by the kiss.

At night, under the influence of the drug, Xu Xiyan was full of ardor. Basking under the moonlight, she let herself go, bringing out her charming side.

She could not remember how many times she had wanted him this night. She only knew that whenever the emptiness in her came back, again and again, her man would fill it again and again.

The man did everything he could to satisfy her, to comfort her, letting her experience the ultimate joy of being a woman.

They spent three days in deep intimacy at the Qingyun Residence. When Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were leaving the Qingyun Residence, it was already three days later.

Their friends were relieved when they saw that they were back.

Xu Xiyan needed to return to the studios for her shoot. Huo Yunshen had arranged several well-trained bodyguards for her to accompany and protect her at all times.

As for Xu Xiyan’s grandfather, Huo Yunshen would dispatch his men to investigate his whereabouts in secret and attempt to save the elderly man.

It was raining.

Xu Xiyan returned to the studio. She met Lan Ling-Er.

Lan Ling-Er was nobly dressed and her mannerisms elegant. Though she had the face of an angel, her smile was not present in her eyes. She looked proud and as though she had nothing to fear.

“My, my, Jing Xi, you’ve finally shown up today. You’re really such a big shot for making me halt my shoot and wait for you for three days. How could you not feel shameless?”

She’s asking her about shamelessness now?

If she hadn’t drugged her, why would she want to delay three days of precious time for no reason?

Xu Xiyan did not answer. I

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