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The police were investigating the disappearance of the first lead female actor for “The Beauty of the World” but they could not find Xu Xinrou’s whereabouts. The disappearance of the actress became one of the cases that could not be solved.

However, there were also rumors that Xu Xinrou had owed the loan shark a debt and had fled from the country to go to her mother for help.

But no one knew that her mother, Su Rui, who was far away from home, had been caught by members of the Dark Zone because she had owed them a large amount of money. Her hands and feet were chopped off, and she finally ended up as a limbless corpse.

At this point, the Xu family completely collapsed.

Since then, there was no such person as Xu Xinrou in the country.

Everyone in “The Beauty of the World” production crew was discussing Xu Xinrou’s disappearance. Yang Wenxue was sitting next to Jing Xi, gossiping, “Sister Jing Xi, do you think Xu Xinrou really disappeared?”

“I don’t know.”

Xu Xiyan had already heard that the incidents she and Ying Bao had before were undoubtedly connected to Xu Xinrou.

Huo Yunshen had already given a strict order that Xu Xinrou would not be let off easily. So Xu Xiyan guessed and feared that Xu Xinrou had received the punishment she deserved.

Yang Wenxue asked again, “Since Xu Xinrou has disappeared, I wonder who will replace her as the first female lead actor? Sister Jing Xi, do you think the director will promote you to first female lead?”

Xu Xiyan smiled lightly at the naïve Yang Wenxue. “I’m sure the director has his own plans. Alright, you should stop gossiping now. Looks like the next scene is yours, you better go get ready!”

“Okay, okay, I’m going to do my makeup now!”

Yang Wenxue went away cheerfully. Xu Xiyan watched her as she went, her gaze lingering on her for a while.

Why did she keep feeling that there was something odd about Yang Wenxue?

She could not explain it as she would occasionally feel it inadvertently. Xu Xiyan noticed that there was an ominous look in Yang Wenxue’s eyes; it was simply not in line with her innocent appearance.

Maybe she was just overthinking it!

In fact, Xu Xiyan’s sixth sense was still quite accurate.

No one knew that Yang Wenxue was Yang Qiong, and no one knew that Yang Qiong was the behind-the-scenes perpetrator of the whole thing. Xu Xinrou was only one of her dumb pawns on the chessboard.

Because Yang Qiong had been using Xu Xinrou as a shield from the start. When she was bribing those people, she had acted under Xu Xinrou’s name.

Even if the matter was exposed, no one would suspect her as she could not be traced.

Now that Xu Xinrou had disappeared, Yang Qiong suspected that she may have been dealt with by Huo Yunshen’s men. His men had probably claimed that she had escaped and went abroad as a pretense.

Her plans for revenge had failed. She felt very bitter watching Jing Xi still alive and well.

It seemed that she

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