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Chapter 827: Why Me?

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“You asked for this!” Xu Xiyan scolded and splashed the orange juice onto Lan Ling’er.

With the dark coffee and the orange juice on her dress, it became tainted with a color that looked like poop.

“You!” Lan Ling’er was furious, it was the first time she’d felt such humiliation. “What are you two blockheads doing? Get her!”

The two guards began to advance towards Xu Xiyan, but Xu Xiyan started to fight back.

Yet, the two guards weren’t ordinary either. They were very well-trained and were giving Xu Xiyan a hard time.

Tables and chairs were all knocked over as Xu Xiyan fought with one of the guards. It was as if they were shooting a kung fu film.

Just as Xu Xiyan was trying to find a weakness on one guard, she did not notice the other one had already captured Fang Xiaocheng.

Fang Xiaocheng was trying to call for help but was noticed by the guard. The guard caught her and grabbed her by one of her arms while having his other arm over her neck.


Xu Xiyan heard Fang Xiaocheng’s cry and turned to look at her, only to notice that Fang Xiaocheng had been captured.

“Let my friend go!”

“Afraid now?” Lan Ling’er laughed.

Of course Xu Xiyan was afraid. She was worried that something might happen to Fang Xiaocheng and her unborn baby.

“What do you even want? We’ve never met before this, why are you giving me all sorts of trouble?”

“Do I even need a reason to hate you? I hate your pretty face! And I hate how you try to seduce another man!”

The only thing Xu XIyan could make out from Lan Ling’er’s words was that she was hated because of her looks.

Yet, many other people were prettier than her and Xu Xiyan could not find a reason as to why Lan Ling’er would only hate her.

“I can only say that this is the face my father and mother gave me, it’s something I can’t change! I have nothing else to say. Just leave my friend, and I’ll go with you!”

Xu Xiyan did not have the confidence to take on two of the guards and save Fang Xiaocheng.

It was the only way to make sure that Fang Xiaocheng could leave safely.

“Fine! Tie her up!” Lan Ling’er ordered.

They tied Xu Xiyan up and took her with them.

Fang Xiuaocheng was very touched to have a friend such as Xu Xiyan who was willing to sacrifice herself to save her.

But it was not the time for Fang Xiaocheng to be sentimental. She quickly took her phone out and chased after the car.

Before the phone even got through, she met Yi Xiao at the gate.

“Miss Fang!” Yi Xiao greeted.

After Yi Xiao got the things to the car, he found where Xu XIyan was with the GPS and went straight to them, but Xu XIyan was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Mrs. Huo?”

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