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Chapter 1001: A Fox

“Mr. Su, what made you decide to participate in this gala?”

“We’ve heard that you are filming a new movie right now, is that true?”

The reporters kept bombing Su Jimo with a lot of questions, and he answered them politely even though he was known for being cold towards reporters.

“Jing Xi is joining me in this red carpet event because we are both working on a new film called Landscape. The film will be out soon, and I hope everyone can catch it in the theater,” Su Jimo said as if he was advertising for the film.

As expected, most of the reporters couldn’t react to the new film.

They all thought that Jing Xi had just finished filming Beauty of the World and wondered how she managed to find the time to film another movie.

The reporters’ curiosity was successfully piqued by Su Jimo as they began to wonder what kind of movie Sceneries would be.

Both Su Jimo and Jing Xi instantly became the spotlight of the red carpet event.

A special event was set at the end of the red carpet where the celebrities had to answer a series of questions correctly to enter the hall.

Su Jimo got all of them right and went straight into the hall while Xu Xiyan got one wrong and was left behind to deal with the reporters.

Xu Xiyan kept changing her poses and angles for the cameras. She did it so perfectly, as if she’d been born for it.

Almost all of the reporters that were with Lan Ling’er and Shen Mengyuan instantly shifted their attention towards Xu XIyan and the former two were left alone.

They’d become friends when they were at the charity visit, and now they became leftovers at the gala.

“What’s special about that? Who cares if she came with Su Jimo?” Lan Ling’er scolded in a small voice.

“She’s like a cockroach! What’s good about her anyway? The only things she has that are better than us are her boobs and legs!” Shen Mengyuan scolded too.

“She’s just good in bed, that’s all!”

“That little bitch! I still haven’t taught her a lesson yet!”

“Do you have any plans?” Lan Ling’er asked.

“Just wait and see.”

Lan Ling’er and Shen Mengyuan were arranged to stand next to Jing Xi when they were asked to take photos on the stage.

People who had no idea of the past would think they were besties because they participated in the charity event together.

Lan Ling’er and Shen Mengyuan both had huge smiles on their faces while Xu Xiyan’s face was cold and expressionless.

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to take the microphone from the host, she stepped on a pearl and slipped backwards.

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