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“Fine! I’ll make sure you give up!”

Unreconciled, Shen Mengyuan immediately called her boyfriend, Li Zonghao.

At this time, Li Zonghao was at the hotel. When he received a call from his sweetheart and heard that she had been bullied, he quickly hurried over with a group of people.

When Shen Mengyuan saw that Li Zonghao had come, she immediately threw herself into his arms and cried aggrievedly.

She was crying about how wronged she was—those who didn’t know the real story would think that her parents had died or she had been raped!

Both Xu Xiyan and Ni Xuelin couldn’t help but roll their eyes. They had to admit that they were impressed that Shen Mengyuan had some acting skills!

“What happened, Yuanyuan?”

Li Zonghao saw his girlfriend sobbing like a princess and felt distressed and angry.

“Zonghao, look at me… I was bullied!”

Shen Mengyuan released him and let him look at her clothes.

The beautiful clothes that he had given her were stained with coffee and it was enough to prove it to him.

“Who did this? Does he want to die?”

Li Zonghao was furious. Who had dared to bully his woman here in his territory in Hengshan?

“It’s her! She’s the one who had instructed her assistant to do it. They are also arrogant to me and they’ve insulted me!” Shen Mengyuan accused them zealously.

Li Zonghao looked at the direction she was pointing with her finger. Originally he was furious, but when he saw an extremely beautiful woman standing in front of him, he became very shocked.

What a surprise!

Who is this woman who is so incredibly beautiful?

Li Zonghao looked at her from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, looking up and down at her carefully. When he recognized that the woman was Jing Xi—the new popular goddess of Peijing’s entertainment circle—he was filled with inexplicable shock and surprise.

Oh my god!

He had even dreamed of interacting with this goddess in close proximity; but frustratingly, she was too far away. He really didn’t have any social circles that he could make use of to get to know her.

Now that Jing Xi had appeared in his hotel, she was just like an angel descending from the heavens, gracing the place with her presence!

“You’re Jing Xi, right?” Li Zonghao asked, bright-eyed.

“Yes, I am who I am. My surname is Jing and my name is Xi.”

Xu Xiyan wanted to see how the other party would handle this matter today.

Li Zonghao chuckled amiably, completely like a gentleman, “I didn’t know Miss Jing Xi would come to my hotel! What good fortune! Whatever happened just now, just forget it.”

Shen Mengyuan heard what he said—that didn’t sound right!

She had looked for him so he could help her get her revenge. Why had he become so humble as soon he saw Jing Xi?

“Zonghao! Don’t you care that they bullied me? You can’t just let the matter off like this! You must oust them from the hotel! Drive them out now!” Shen Mengyuan said, shaking Li Zonghao’s a

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