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Xu Xiyan had to admit that she was really impressed with Shen Mengyuan’s fine ability to reverse the facts.

Unreconciled, Shen Mengyuan said, “How could he have thoughts about you? Zonghao is a faithful man. He is very loyal to me.”

“Haha! Seems that only you can be deceived by these lies. You think you’re the only woman by his side? How naive! Also, you think that he is loyal to you? Where did you get that kind of confidence?”

Shen Mengyuan’s face turned dark. “You just can’t bear to see others being better than you! It must be because I hit your assistant that day that you despise me and plan to retaliate against me. You ruined Zonghao because you wanted to destroy my future.”

Xu Xiyan smiled even more radiantly. “Think of whatever you want then! Only Li Zonghao knows best what he has done. I believe that the law will not tolerate criminals. I can only give you some words of wisdom: misfortune will always fall onto those who keep doing wicked deeds!”

After finishing her words, Xu Xiyan shouldered past Shen Mengyuan and went into the set. Her arrogance made Shen Mengyuan’s mouth twist in anger.

In fact, after learning of Li Zonghao’s accident, she had gone to ask him herself. When he told her that it was Jing Xi’s doing, she had already figured something out.

These days, Li Zonghao had been trying to gain Jing Xi’s favor behind her back—his intention was to bed her.

Now that Li Zonghao had been ruthlessly punished, it could be said that he only had himself to blame.

But she had never dared imagine that such a powerful person like Li Zonghao could end up being subdued by a little woman.

That Jing Xi was really not that simple!

As soon she arrived at Hengshan, she had managed to ruin her backer. This was simply unacceptable!

Shen Mengyuan hated her with all her heart. In short, this score would not be easily settled!

Xu Xiyan was not afraid of Li Zonghao and Shen Mengyuan and the others. She reckoned Li Zonghao would not have the guts to sue her!

She had already asked Huo Sanyan to hand over the information she had collected about Li Zonghao’s criminal deeds to the police. The police would naturally detain Li Zonghao for a thorough interrogation.Read more chapters at Listnovel.com

Once his crimes of illegal trading, bribery, false accounting, tax evasion, et cetera were verified, the prisoners of Hengshan Prison would definitely welcome him warmly.

After finishing the day’s shoot, Xu Xiyan left the set. She couldn’t help but curve her lips when she saw Huo Yunshen’s message on her mobile phone.

The man told her that he was coming back to Zstan and that he was flying directly to Hengshan from abroad.

He also told her to take a good bath in the evening and be ready to receive him.

Xu Xiyan blushed as she left Hengshan Studios. The girls from the film crew dragged her along to Hengshan City to eat famous local street food.

These days she had been eating the buffet

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