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Chapter 1010: He Could Laugh At The Joke For A Year

Lu Qiancheng had always been a little handsome boy but when he wore the pink hat, he looked so funny that everyone laughed at once.

Tang Feimo’s stomach hurt from laughing. Hahaha! He could laugh at the joke about Lu Qiancheng dressing up like a girl for a year!

Not only did Lu Qiancheng’s funny look amuse the children, but the adults and the audience viewing the live stream were amused too.

They were showered with gifts, donations, and comments from the viewers ceaselessly.

Among them, there was an upstart fan named “Beishan Knight” who had directly rewarded them a “luxury villa” gift worth 50,000 yuan.

Seeing that they were enjoying themselves, Xu Xiyan decided not to enter the room and disturb them. She said as she pushed Huo Yunshen out, “Come on, let’s go cook some delicious meals. We should make more food for these little kids.”

“Okay! Then let me eat you tonight!”

Huo Yunshen felt dissatisfied after being left hanging as he was not able to “eat” his wife.

“Eat me your ass! Your mind is really dirty!”

Xu Xiyan laughed, her lips curving up like a beautiful flower.

Huo Yunshen embraced her and kissed her beside her lips. “Whoever gave me such a beautiful wife! If not you, who should I think of?”

“You’re so cheesy!”

Xu Xiyan pushed him away, laughing as she ran to the kitchen. Huo Yunshen quickly ran after her too.

They prepared a very rich lunch. Xu Xiyan informed Fang Xiaocheng and Yi Xiao that lunch was ready and told the kids to go wash their hands.

Just as everyone had sat down at the long table, the doorbell rang. Ying Bao toddled off cheerfully to open the door and saw that it was Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan who had come.

Before entering, Huo Sanyan sniffed the air and said, “Oh my! Something smells really good! Is it time for lunch?”

Ying Bao understood her very well. “Auntie Three-Eyes! You have a dog’s nose, haven’t you?”

Huo Sanyan picked up the little girl and turned her about. “How dare you say that? You say your Auntie’s nose is a dog’s nose? Why are you so cheeky towards your Auntie?”

“Hehehe…” Ying Bao giggled as her aunt teased her.

Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun entered the house. As professional freeloaders, they automatically sat down at the table without being invited.

Xu Xiyan set two more sets of tableware for them, then said, “Please help yourselves, everyone. We’ve prepared a lot of food today and there’s enough for everyone to eat.”

Fang Xiaocheng, who was almost 7 months pregnant now, winked at the four children as she reminded them, “Are you all forgetting something? Say thanks to her.”

The children had watched the new version of the drama “Princess Huanzhu” during the day at home, so they had learned the way the characters address each other. After Fang Xiaocheng’s reminder, the children chorused at the same time, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Hahaha…” Xu Xiyan laughed in amusement. “

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