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Chapter 1011: Way Too Smart

“Aunty Orange, let me read you a poem!” Ying Bao said.

“Okay! Let me hear it.”

“The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout…” Ying Bao chanted as she shook her head, left to right with the rhythm.

“Well done!” Ye Xun praised after Ying Bao finished.

“Uncle Treeleaf! I have a question for you!” Ying Bao said. “Do you know how many people are in this room now?”

“That’s too easy! 10!”

“Wrong!” Ying Bao said as she stood up and pointed at Fang Xiaocheng’s belly. “The answer is 11. You forgot Aunty Orange’s baby!”

“You’re right!” Ye Xun completely forgot about the baby and could not help but sigh at how smart the kids nowadays were getting.

“But we could have 13 people in the near future too,” Ying Bao continued.

“13? How so?” Ye Xun asked.

“If my mummy has a baby and Aunty Three Eyes has a baby too,” Ying Bao smiled.

Even though Ying Bao was serious about it, she made the adults all laugh at what she said. Huo Sanyan even collapsed into Ye Xun’s arms while laughing.

“Hey, boss! Isn’t your daughter getting too smart? It’ll be a disaster if she continues to grow at this rate!” Ye Xun said.

But Huo Yunshen was really proud of his daughter. It wasn’t that he was trying to boast, but he also agreed that his daughter was a genius.

With her father’s and mother’s genes, the little kid was blessed with high IQ and EQ.

It would be hard to imagine how Ying Bao would grow up in the future.

But the couple only wished that she could grow up in a healthy and safe environment, so the future would work its way out naturally.

Since Yi Xiao’s right hand was hurt, he struggled with his chopsticks. Fang Xiaocheng noticed it and helped him with it.

“Let me help you,” Fang Xiaocheng offered.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Fang Xiaocheng was really grateful towards the hospitality Yi Xiao was showing her. She even got anxious when she saw Yi Xiao come back with bandages around his arm.

Even though she kept telling herself that they would always remain friends, she couldn’t hold back when she saw Yi Xiao unable to move around freely.

Xu Xiyan also noticed that Fang Xiaocheng wasn’t as cold and rejecting towards Yi Xiao anymore. Fang Xiaocheng had become livelier than she used to be after Wang Dazhi’s death.

Xu Xiyan really hoped for Fang Xiaocheng’s happiness, as she knew Wang Dazhi would’ve hoped for that too.

Xu Xiyan returned to the cooking show for the third and fourth sections recording the next day.

The third section was titled Celebrity Chef’s Innovative Dish. Xu Xiyan created a dish with the seasonal greens and livestock, French Grilled Foie Gras.

The dish was so innovative that William, an innovative head chef at a large western restaurant, gave her a 9.9 score.

But Zhong Qingzi gave a completely different opinion on her dish.

“Even though your dish is innovative, I can’t give you a high score because

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