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Chapter 1008: I Want To Eat My Wife

Zhong Qingzi stopped. When she saw it was Jing Xi who had called her, she subconsciously furrowed her brow. “Speak. What do you want to ask?”

“I just want to know if Mrs. Zhong has any dissatisfaction and prejudice against me personally?”

Xu Xiyan stared straight into Zhong Qingzi’s eyes.

Zhong Qingzi smiled and said, “I think Miss Jing Xi was just overthinking it. I treat everyone and everything fairly, and furthermore, I have no complaints with Miss Jing Xi. Why should I have any dissatisfactions and prejudices against you?”

Although there were no faults in Zhong Qingzi’s answer, Xu Xiyan still argued according to reason, “But Mrs. Zhong has given me such low scores in both rounds. I just wanted to ask: Were my cooking skills really not good, or was there something wrong with Mrs. Zhong’s taste? Why did the other judges give me a good score but only Mrs. Zhong is being very picky about me?”

Zhong Qingzi made a helpless expression on her face and shrugged. “Do you have a problem with my scores? Do you think that the dishes you’ve made are good enough? Do you think that you can earn all of the judges’ favor? I can only tell you this: by seeing me privately to improve your scores, you’re breaking the rules of the show.”

After finishing her words, Zhong Qingzi looked at her watch. “Sorry, I have to go now. Do your best for tomorrow’s competition then!”

She curved her lips, then turned and left.

Xu Xiyan remained where she was, her brow furrowing tighter.

Her instinct told her that Zhong Qingzi was deliberately targeting her, but she could not reasonably explain it.

She thought about it for a while, but she still could not figure it out. Ni Xuelin came over to pick her up and the two left the TV station together.

Huo Yunshen specially came to pick her up. Ni Xuelin sent her to his car and Xu Xiyan left in Huo Yunshen’s car.

Xu Xiyan was silent the whole trip. Huo Yunshen could clearly sense that his wife was abnormally quiet today. He took her hand and asked, “Dear, is something troubling you?”

Xu Xiyan shook her head, looking a little tired. “No. I’m just thinking about what to cook for tomorrow’s show.”

“What is there to worry about? Just close your eyes and simply whip up something. I believe that with my wife’s craftsmanship, she can definitely win first prize,” Huo Yunshen comforted. In fact, he was very worried about his wife; now he was regretting letting her participate in the cooking competition show.

“Forget about winning first place. I would be lucky if I’m not eliminated by the third round.”

“What’s wrong? Do you think it’s difficult to pass the rounds?”

“Yeah, that Mrs. Zhong Qingzi will give me a very low score every time. If I want to last until the final round, it’s going to be very difficult.”

“The old woman is always been like this. She’s very picky.”

When Huo Yunshen had chosen this program for Xu Xiyan, he had che

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