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Chapter 1000: A Beautiful Counterattack

After that, a number of young and good looking male and female artists of the entertainment circle came up—Shen Mengyuan was among them.

Shen Mengyuan was also attending the event and was walking on the red carpet with the lead male actor of the film they had just wrapped up shooting for recently.

Not only had local celebrities come to participate in the event, but even stars from abroad were also invited to attend.

Lan Ling-Er also participated in this event. In front of the media, she always had this self-confidence that she was able to attract their eyes on her fashion.

Tonight, she wore a bare-back green dress with high slits, revealing her long sexy legs as a bunch of reporters took pictures of her.

In front of the cameras and the interviewers, Lan Ling-Er was full of smiles. Many reporters were asking about when her new film, When the Equator Came Across the North Pole, would be released.

“Soon. Now it’s already in the promotional stage and you all will be able to see it very soon. Anyone have anything else to ask?”

Just as Lan Ling-Er finished her words, she realized that the reporters had already swarmed off somewhere.

She looked where the reporters had gone to—and saw Jing Xi. She had come and those reporters were eager to interview her.

Damn it! Why does Jing Xi have to attend this event too?

Why did she always have to steal her limelight?

A black luxury stretch limo parked in front of the red carpet. The door of the car opened. The first to get off was Su Jimo, followed by Jing Xi.

When the CP Xu Xiyan and Su Jimo appeared, a sudden wave of screams came from the crowd.

“Look! It’s Jing Xi and Su Jimo!”

“Su Jimo is the second international movie king just after Huo Yunshen. It’s really impressive that COSMO was able to invite him!”

“Why did he appear with Jing Xi? Have the two worked together on something?”

“Quick, let’s go interview them…”

Everyone thought that Jing Xi would appear with Huo Yunshen together tonight, but what surprised them was that she had actually appeared with Su Jimo.

Su Jimo was an international movie king and it was rare for him to return to Zstan. Everyone was curious: How come he was walking on the red carpet with Jing Xi tonight?

What kind of relationship or friendship did the two share?

Under the spotlight, both of them wore black. Su Jimo’s black suit made him appear noble. As a man who was in his thirties, he was exuding the confidence and charm of a mature man. He was simply irresistible.

Jing Xi wore pure black tonight, mainly because of her grandfather’s death a few days ago. She wore black to pay homage to him.

She wore a black slim jacket with padded shoulders on her upper body and a black and white silk scarf around her waist. Below, she wore black wide-legged pants. She covered whatever needed to be covered on her body and there was not a single ornament that shin

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