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Chapter 992: She Was Not Hallucinating

She saw chaos before her eyes. Both sides of the corridor were filled with people with light injuries as medical staff attended to them.

Xu Xiyan looked at them one by one, but she did not find Huo Yunshen.

After inquiring, only then did she learn that those who were severely injured were in the emergency hall.

The more she moved forward, the more chilled her heart felt.

Xu Xiyan’s eyes were full of tears. She wiped them away but they kept streaming out; there was no end to it.

She could not imagine…what was the scene like when the plane exploded?

She could not even imagine what her most beloved man had become after being blown up.

Along the way, she inquired for directions before finally arriving at the emergency hall. The people here were seriously injured and were wrapped in bandages. Their injuries were much heavier than those outside.

She looked at the victims one by one, but there was still no Huo Yunshen. She asked the nurse. The nurse pointed to the last bed and told her that the victim there seemed to be surnamed Huo, and his injuries were very serious and the hospital was planning to inform his family so they could prepare for his funeral.

Xu Xiyan came to the bed. When she saw that the person lying on the bed was all wrapped up like a mummy, she became even more tearful.

She threw herself beside him and began to cry uncontrollably. “Husband… Wuwuwuu…”

She cried for a while before lifting her head and saying, “Don’t leave me, dear… you said before that you won’t leave me…

“If you’re gone, what are our daughter and I going to do?

“Husband, I beg you, please don’t die, don’t leave me…

“Without you, I can’t live anymore…”

Xu Xiyan continued to cry—until the stats on the cardiac monitor machine changed. Originally, the heart rate was extremely low, but now it was rising.

Did that mean that he was recovering?

“Doctor! Doctor…”

Xu Xiyan called the doctor urgently. The doctor looked at the data and then checked on the patient. It seemed that they didn’t need to issue a medical crisis notice anymore; the patient’s vitals showed strong recovery.

“Quick! Send him to the emergency room!”

Under the doctor’s command, several medical personnel quickly wheeled the patient to the emergency room.

Xu Xiyan wiped her tears, wanting to follow them. At this moment, someone grabbed her shoulder. She turned around. It was Yi Xiao.

Yi Xiao had broken his right arm; it was cast with plaster and was hanging in front of his chest on a sling. He asked her, “Madam, where are you going?”

“I’m going to…”

Before Xu Xiyan could finish her words, she was surprised to find another man standing behind Yi Xiao.

It was a familiar face. His head was wrapped with bandages.

Xu Xiyan could not believe it. Was this Huo Yunshen?

Was she hallucinating?

Wasn’t he sent to the emergency room just now?

“Jing Xi!” the man spoke

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