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Chapter 997: He’s Still Handsome

Xu Xiyan cried really hard after she filmed that part. She could feel how desperate and helpless her mother had felt.

Even though two people loved each other so much, they couldn’t be together because of many reasons.

Jing Ruyue loved Feng very much but was forced to leave him because of her problem.

In the film, the two of them quarreled, and the male protagonist turned to leave, leaving the female protagonist crying while staring at the man leaving her.

The pain that she felt was 10 times worse than he could ever feel, especially when she knew that she had his child in her belly.

The scene ended, and Xu Xiyan was depressed for a long time.

She could always get in and out of her characters easily, and it was her first time not being able to get out of one right after the filming had ended.

The most reasonable explanation she could think of was because she was playing her mother.

Xu Xiyan finally realized the reason Jing Ruyue had married Xu Jinshan and why her life was filled with unhappiness.

She also learned why her mother held the brooch in her hand when she passed away.

Because Feng was the man that Jing Ruyue loved deeply. Her love for him never wavered, but she was forced to marry Xu Jinshan instead.

Xu Xiyan could only sigh at the truth.

Perhaps because Xu Xiyan got really down from filming Sceneries, Huo Yunshen suggested going hiking together.

“Can you hike with that injury on your head?” Xu Xiyan asked worriedly.

She was worried that the injury could cause him to get altitude sickness.

“Why is that a question?” Huo Yunshen asked. “I could climb Everest if I wanted to.”

Huo Yunshen had taken off the bandages, and the cut was almost healed. He was still as handsome as ever.

“Yeah, right!” Xu Xiyan snorted.

As soon as Xu Xiyan agreed to go hiking, Huo Yunshen had his men prepare a few off-road vehicles and some equipment for camping and barbeque.

They left around noon and reached the camping site as the sun started to set.

Huo Yunshen’s bodyguards set up tents around them to protect the couple.

Huo Yunshen set up his own tent at the most spacious place while Xu Xiyan began to prepare the stuff for a barbeque.

“It would be better if Ying Bao were here. She loves camping a lot,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Don’t worry about that today. We can bring her with us next time,” Huo Yunshen replied.

Huo Yunshen meant that he did not want a kid to spoil the mood that he was enjoying with his wife.

“You just have to think about me today,” Huo Yunshen smiled as he hugged Xu Xiyan from behind.

After a long kiss, Huo Yunshen pulled Xu Xiyan to the side and began to prepare the food.

They had their dinner, and they sat next to each other as they stared at the starry sky.

They talked a lot and recalled the hardships they’d been through.

And as they were talking, trails of light cut through the sky.

“Look! Shoo

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