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Chapter 1004: Secretly Interacting

It was time for the awards ceremony. Miss Carmelin, the fashion expert, was to present the awards to the winners.

Miss Carmelin announced that the winner of the Most Beautiful People Award of the Year was Jing Xi.

When Xu Xiyan was named, she was very surprised. She did not expect that she would win an award tonight at all.

However, she had indeed been voted to win the award by the majority of netizens. From her stunning performance in ROSUE commercials to her popularity abroad due to her LK product endorsement, her beauty had been recognized by the world.

She fully deserved this award.

When Xu Xiyan returned from receiving her award on stage, she noticed that both Lan Ling-Er and Shen Mengyuan were already seated below the stage.

The two had watched her receiving the grand prize, and their eyes were filled with unconcealable jealousy and hatred.

Xu Xiyan ignored them and took her own award. Let them be envious and jealous!

The ceremony was still going on and the celebrities on the stage were interacting with each other. Xu Xiyan, who was below the stage, was not idle either; she was secretly interacting with her own husband.

Huo Yunshen had sent a message asking her what was going on at the ceremony.

After seeing the message, only then did Xu Xiyan realize that news about the incident just now had been spread onto the Internet and Huo Yunshen had seen it.

Many fans had left words of support for her. They commented that she did not forget to help others in that unexpected incident, and praised her behavior.

In order to not let her husband worry, Xu Xiyan simply explained the reason, reassuring him that everything was fine now. She also told him about her award.

[My wife is the best in the world!]

In the man’s text message, she could tell how proud he was in his words.

Xu Xiyan gave him a reply: [You’re wrong! My husband is the one who is the best in the world!]

In fact, they were forever the best significant other in the world in each other’s eyes.

The fashion festival was coming to an end. Many celebrities and fashion brands had won awards. After the awards ceremony, there was also a public welfare campaign appealing to all sectors of society to show more concern to autistic children.

The fashion festival ended perfectly. Xu Xiyan and Su Jimo left the event together.

When they were standing by the road waiting for their celebrity van, a black Rolls-Royce stopped in front of her. The door of the car opened and Mo Yutian got down from its back seat.

The man stood firmly in front of her. Xu Xiyan looked at him coldly. Mo Yutian finally spoke up first. “Jing Xi, would you like me to send you home?”

“No, we have our own transport.”

Xu Xiyan automatically stood next to Su Jimo, subconsciously keeping a distance from Mo Yutian. As long as she thought of what happened in Hengshan that night, she would grow apprehensive.


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