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If she did not guess it wrong, she might even meet up with Li Zonghao himself “coincidentally” if she were to go to the spa.

A man like him must be up to no good for offering so much to her for no reason. Better to avoid him whenever she could!

Indeed, it was just as Xu Xiyan had guessed: Li Zonghao was lying on a lounge chair by the pool outside the spa entrance on the 15th floor, calmly waiting for Jing Xi and the others.

But he only saw the girls from Jing Xi’s film crew. He couldn’t help but stop them and ask, “Why didn’t Miss Jing Xi come?”

“She said she is tired and went back to her room to rest. Thank you for your free trial vouchers, Mr. Li!”

The girls entered the spa. Li Zonghao rubbed his chin and began to ponder.

He was thinking about Jing Xi.

Jing Xi’s charming face. Jing Xi’s curvy body. They had become a lingering dream in his mind.

If he could get Jing Xi and enjoy one night with her to his heart’s content, it would be really worth it!

Li Zonghao pondered this until 1 am. Usually, at this time, most people had already gone to bed and it was a time where they were soundly asleep.

Li Zonghao came to the door of the luxury suite where Jing Xi was in. He quietly opened the door with a room card and quickly slid into the room.

He came into the suite room secretly. With the light from the ceiling lights near the door, he could faintly see a woman lying on the big bed.

Her black hair was spread out like a waterfall and her facial features were prominent and perfect from the side. The woman was only wearing a sling nightdress, exposing her smooth and round shoulders. There was more to be seen, but it was sexy enough to evoke his lust inside.

Li Zonghao’s heart fluttered rapidly, his heart filled with the exciting adrenaline of sneaking furtively around.

As long as he thought of pressing Jing Xi under his body and do whatever he wanted to her, he felt his blood began to flow back to the top of his head.

His body’s reaction was stronger and wilder than he imagined.

As lust took over his mind, he took off his clothes as fast as he could and quietly climbed onto the bed and lifted the blanket lightly from the corner.

Soon, the woman’s perfect body was completely exposed before his eyes. Her skin was smooth and delicate like suet white jade; she was so beautiful that he almost stopped breathing in awe.

No matter what happens tonight, he must have Jing Xi.

Li Zonghao decided to take her by force. He reckoned that after he had raped Jing Xi, she would not tell anyone about it.

If Jing Xi was subdued by him, she could only submit to him obediently.

To Li Zonghao, a married young woman such as Jing Xi was most sexually starved. Once she was aroused, she was guaranteed to be fierily passionate.

As the man thought of this, his itching hand could not help but fell onto Xu Xiyan’s leg.

Xu Xiyan had spent the whole day shooting and shopping. She had been so tir

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