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Chapter 1002: The Save Was Too Successful

It happened so suddenly that Xu Xiyan was caught off guard. The audience and reporters below the stage gasped in shock as they saw this scene.

If Jing Xi were to slip and fall, she would become tonight’s big “reveal.”

All the reporters seized the chance to snap photos of her. Almost by reflex, Xu Xiyan reached out to her sides to grab whatever could be grabbed on, then saved herself by executing a backflip and steadying herself.

She was finally back on her feet firmly, shocked but safe. However, the two actresses standing next to her were not so lucky.

Shen Mengyuan’s blue dress had been pulled down by Jing Xi just now. The front of her dress had fallen to her waist and her skin felt chilly as her black wing-shaped Nubra was completely exposed.

Lan Ling-Er’s bare-backed gown with high slits was also ruined; the slit of the dress had been torn so that it was almost up to her armpit.

When the two of them suddenly felt chilly, they finally reacted and were horrified out of their wits.

Shen Mengyuan quickly pulled up the front of her dress to cover her breasts. Lan Ling-Er could only cover her thigh with her hands desperately to prevent herself from being exposed.

The two felt very cold. After all, the temperature in Peijing was very low in December.

Every female star was wearing evening dresses for this event. They were indeed beautiful yet freezing.

Xu Xiyan did not expect that she would tear and ruin their dresses, as it was an accident just now. At this time while in front of the cameras, what she could do was to find a way to save the situation.

She immediately pulled off the scarf around her waist, unfolded it and tied it around Lan Ling-Er’s waist, successfully fixing the two parts of her dress together and covering the embarrassing parts.

Then she took off her jacket and put it around Shen Mengyuan’s shoulders, covering the wretchedness of her blue dress at once. Also thanks to the jacket, it greatly improved her charm as well.

Despite not having the jacket and scarf anymore, Xu Xiyan was not affected herself. She was wearing a thin, half-translucent black chiffon top with a beautiful frill under the jacket.

At this time, after taking off her jacket, the frills of her top fluttered, adding an enchanting look to her while exuding the cold air of the regality of a queen.

The save was too successful. The reporters had taken pictures of what happened just now and they were full of praise for Jing Xi’s actions.

After skipping the interview, Xu Xiyan accompanied the two frightened actresses to the backstage of the event hall to change their clothes.

There were no other people in the backstage resting lounge. Shen Mengyuan’s face showed strong abhorrence as she complained, “Jing Xi, you were deliberate just now! You deliberately tore off my dress to embarrass me!”

Shen Mengyuan was an expert in reversing the facts. It was obvious t

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