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“It’s alright.”

“What do you mean by it’s alright? You’re an injured person now!”

Xu Xiyan held his head still, preventing him from simply moving around.

Not getting what he wanted, Huo Yunshen said discontentedly, “That’s because I’m injured and that’s why I need comfort even more!”

“Don’t make excuses! No means no! And behave yourself!”

Xu Xiyan pushed him toward the sofa, making him sit down and rest.

Huo Yunshen sat down, but he was still not going to give up on his ploy. In order to obtain his wife’s consent, he would not hesitate to take advantage of his injury. He lay down on the sofa. “Oww… it’s so unbearable…”

Xu Xiyan suddenly panicked. She leaned over and asked anxiously, “What happened, dear? Is it a headache? What should we do? Should we go to the hospital now?”

While she was distracted, Huo Yunshen seized the opportunity and hugged her, turned around and pressed her down underneath him.

His eyes gleamed as he said, “If you love me, I might feel better. If you don’t love me, I might as well be dead.”


Xu Xiyan realized that she was trapped by her own man.

How could she not love him?

How could she just stand idly by and watch him suffer?

In the end, she could only give in. “Alright then, you won. Only once—and only just this once.”

There was no point saying “only just this once.” Huo Yunshen was completely unable to control himself while he indulged in his wife’s tenderness.

The two started at around 11 pm, entangling with each other until the next morning; only then did the man go to sleep contentedly with her in his arms.

In the morning, Xu Xiyan continued to sleep in. Yi Xiao had already helped her contact the crew and ask for leave. When Huang Guoqiang heard Yi Xiao’s voice, he immediately knew who had come.

As long as that man came, the first female lead actress had to take leave. This was nothing new to Huang Guoqiang.

Xu Xiyan woke up but Huo Yunshen was still sleeping. She still couldn’t help but feel distressed looking at the man’s head injury.

What if she had really lost Huo Yunshen?

How was she going to live her life alone in the future?

As she thought of this, her eyes became wet with tears again. She couldn’t help but plant a kiss on the man’s forehead, thanking God for His care in her heart.

But she hoped that in the future, God would give them fewer troubles and more blessings!

Xu Xiyan quietly got up. She thought of staying here today and take care of Huo Yunshen, so she called up Huang Guoqiang to ask him for leave.

Before she could even say anything, Huang Guoqiang told her to have a good rest today and not worry about the shoot.

It must be Xu Xiyan’s good karma for being able to work under a director who was so understanding.

After that, Xu Xiyan found prepared ingredients in the kitchen. She made porridge first, then cooked some dishes. She hoped that the man would be able to enjoy a hot meal after wak

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