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“I’m sorry for causing the trouble,” Ni Xuelin quickly apologized once they returned to their room.

She regretted causing the scene which could’ve been avoided.

“Don’t blame yourself for standing up. Everything went smoothly in the end, right?” Xu Xiyan said, noticing the blood that was still on Ni Xuelin’s lips. “Here, let me put some medicine on that. If Ye Xun knows that you were bullied on my watch, he will kill me.”

“I won’t tell him, don’t worry,” Ni Xuelin laughed. “But I’m worried about that Shen Mengyuan. Do you think she will just let it slide?”

“What’s done is done. We’ll just have to be careful of her in the future.”

Xu Xiyan was mentally prepared for anything that Shen Mengyuan would throw at her.

Not long after that, the hotel’s manager knocked on their door and informed them that Li Zhonghao had upgraded their room for them.

Their room went from the standard double room to the sea view suite while maintaining the same price.

Xu Xiyan went to Hengshan Studios the next day with the crews.

Since the movie Scenery was shot in secret, not many people knew what they were filming in the city.

They learned that there was another studio filming another movie next to them. They were filming a city romance titled Lovely Rival.

After checking the studio out, they realized that the protagonist was played by Shen Mengyuan.

After learning that, Xu Xiyan hoped that they could stay out of each other’s way.

The filming proceeded throughout the whole morning smoothly, and there weren’t many cuts on the scenes with Su Jimo.

The crews from the two studios met when they were having lunch in the cafeteria.

Shen Mengyuan was in the cafeteria when Xu Xiyan entered with Ni Xuelin.

The former had prepared another set of table and chairs just for herself while being accompanied by two assistants and five bodyguards.

Xu Xiyan and Ni Xuelin sat at another corner waiting for the staff to get them their takeout.

It was Mary who first realized that Jing Xi was also present in the huge cafeteria and she whispered something into Shen Mengyuan’s ear. Shen Mengyuan turned around and rolled her eyes when she noticed Jing Xi.

Since Xu Xiyan and Shen Mengyuan did not like each other, they just pretended one other didn’t exist.

Just as Xu Xiyan was waiting for her food, she took out her phone and messaged her husband.

Huo Yunshen was present at the Summit when he received Xu Xiyan’s message.

[Hubby, I want to see how you look today.]

[Why? Miss me?]

[Yes! Hurry up!]

After a few seconds, Xu Xiyan received a photo with Huo Yunshen facing the camera, probably taken by Yi Xiao.

In the picture, Huo Yunshen stood in the center of a huge conference room where the stage was, as if he was making a report.

He wore a white military uniform, and his hair was pulled back. He had his mask on, and it made him look more mysterious.

The uniform traced his body as if they were

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