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But it was clearly written on the webpage that the authenticity of the dress could be discerned by the signature on the waist. She had never noticed it before and she didn’t know about it.

And what’s more, a random passerby had pointed all this out to her. She felt completely embarrassed.

Victorious, Ni Xuelin asked flatly, “So, may I ask whether Miss Shen still requires my compensation?”

“Hmph! I’ll not forget you! Don’t let me see you again next time!”

Shen Mengyuan shot her a hateful look, then stormed off.

Ni Xuelin turned around to look at her leaving. She couldn’t help but spit, “You’re just a third person who stole another woman’s man. What is there to be so arrogant about?”

These words were heard by Shen Mengyuan. She stopped, turned around and demanded, “What did you just say? Say it again!”

Ni Xuelin was telling the truth and she was not afraid of her. “I don’t have to repeat it—I still mean the same thing. You’re a famous model, but it turns out that you’re a third person who stole another woman’s man away. Is this really right?”


Shen Mengyuan couldn’t stand it anymore and gave Ni Xuelin a slap on her face. “You dare slander me? Do you want to die?”

Ni Xuelin was slapped and her cheeks were streaked with several red marks. She looked up and glared at her. “If you hit me, it only proves that you’re feeling guilty! The man you’ve snatched for yourself is not that great anyway! Whatever he gives you shows what you actually are in his heart—a high quality counterfeit.”

Ni Xuelin had made Shen Mengyuan so angry that she felt like exploding inside. Where the hell did this woman who had actually dared to insult her come from?

She even suspected that it must’ve been that stinking bitch Yu Jing who had instructed her to deliberately spill coffee all over her.

As she thought of this, she ordered her bodyguard to seize Ni Xuelin. If she didn’t teach her a good lesson today, that girl would never know her wrath.

Then, haughtily, Shen Mengyuan sat in the lounge area of the hotel lobby as her bodyguards held onto Ni Xuelin while Mary slapped her.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Mary slapped her ruthlessly three times. Ni Xuelin was bleeding from the corner of her mouth.

“Didn’t you take a good look at whose territory this is? Since when can a random passerby like you could tell our Mengyuan what to do with her affairs?”

Shen Mengyuan crossed her arms and said arrogantly, “You little bitch! Go back and tell Yu Jing that if she were to come stirring up trouble again, don’t blame me for being impolite! I, Shen Mengyuan, am someone not to be trifled with! You still dare glare at me with those eyes, huh? Slap her some more!”

After Shen Mengyuan gave the order, Mary raised her hand again. But before she could swing down her hand, she felt something gripping around her wrist tightly. Then there was a cracking sound and she shrieked out in pain.

When she turned around to look, she saw

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