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Chapter 999: Delusion

Xu Xiyan stopped by the bed and grabbed her grandfather’s thin hand.

“Yanyan…” the old man murmured. He had his consciousness back and could recognize his granddaughter.

“I’m here.”

“I don’t think I have any more time…”

“No! You still have time! You are going to live to be 100 years old! I still haven’t had the chance to pay you back for everything you’ve done for me!”

“I’m happy to know that I have such a good granddaughter like you. I’m anxious about you, you know… When I leave this world, please don’t go back to the Xu family anymore. Go find your real father…”

The old man stopped talking, and his hands dropped as he left the world forever.

He had known that Xu Xiyan was not his real granddaughter from the beginning, but he still chose to love her.

“Grandpa…” Xu Xiyan cried, leaning on her grandfather’s body.

Huo Yunshen was hurt when he saw his wife crying that hard, but all he could do was stay by her side and comfort her.

The old man died peacefully, without any pain. It was all thanks to Xu Xiyan’s arrangement so that he could enjoy the last part of his life.

Huo Yunshen stood in to take care of the old man’s funeral. He bought land that was believed to be the best in Fengshui and buried the old man there.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan brought Ying Bao to the old man’s grave, and they stood in front of him, praying.

Ying Bao looked at the photo on the gravestone and asked, “Mummy, is great-grandpa in the heaven now?”

“Yes,” Xu Xiyan replied.

“Then I won’t be able to see him again?”


“But he has Alzheimers! What should we do if he got lost?”

Xu Xiyan did not reply and just rubbed her daughter’s head. She really hoped that her grandfather would have a better afterlife.

Because of the old man’s death, Xu Xiyan took two days off from her work.

She planned to rest quietly at home, but things never went as planned.

Huo Sanyan told Xu Xiyan that Tianyu Group was trying to purchase Juxing Entertainment and after discussing with each other, they planned to merge both Juxing and Jingyue to prevent the purchase.

As soon as they announced the merging, Tianyu’s plan to purchase the company completely failed.

With Juxing and Jingyue working together, purchasing either one of the companies was out of the question.

Two days had passed, and Xu Xiyan got an invitation to a Fashion Gala.

After confirming that the gala had nothing to do with Tianyu, Huo Yunshen gave his permission for Xu Xiyan to participate.

The annual Fashion Gala was hosted by the leading fashion magazine, COSMO, at Peijing Central Mall.

The gala was known as the fashion industry’s Academy Awards, attracting the most influential celebrities to advertise for them on Peijing Skyscraper’s LED screen. One of the celebrities was Jing Xi.

The celebrities took a long time to prepare for the red carpet event. The first group to attract a lot of attentio

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