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Chapter 996: She Had Found An Important Clue

Since Yi Xiao—who was living in the next-door suite—had injured his arm, it was inconvenient for him to live here as he was alone. He took the initiative to apply for leave so he could return to Peijing and recuperate. Huo Yunshen agreed to it.

The shooting progress of Landscape had reached the point where the male and female lead characters establish their love for each other. The male lead gave the female lead a sungrass brooch, but it was actually a rare insignia.

No one had ever seen what the badge looks like and the props manager was at a loss, so he specially came to see Huang Guoqiang.

Huang Guoqiang came to Xu Xiyan again. “Jing Xi, a sungrass brooch is mentioned in the script. Have you seen it before? If you know what it looks like, please describe it and I’ll tell the props manager to prepare it.”

“Of course, I have seen it before. Not only have I seen it, but it is with me right now.”



On the second day, Xu Xiyan brought the sungrass brooch to the set and handed it to Huang Guoqiang. After seeing it, Huang Guoqiang said happily, “Oh my! This insignia is really precious!”

“Is it valuable?”

Xu Xiyan only knew that the base of the brooch was made of platinum and the gilded pattern on the top was pure gold. The gemstone in the middle was a large whole diamond surrounded by smaller ones.

However, Xu Xiyan had never taken it for an appraisal. She had no idea how much it was worth.

“It’s valuable! Too valuable! Based on my decades of experience in collecting insignias, this insignia is priceless and very rare on the market.”

“Can you tell from which time period and where it is from?”

Xu Xiyan suddenly felt amazed. If she could find out the brooch’s origins, does this mean that she would be another step closer to finding out who her father is?

Somehow, she felt hopeful. She hoped that the collector expert Huang Guoqiang could give her a perfect explanation.

She also hoped that she could find her biological father with this insignia!

Huang Guoqiang studied it for a moment, then furrowed his brow and said, “I don’t know if I’ve discerned it correctly, but this looks like it belonged to the royal family of the late Dragon Kingdom.”

“The royal family of the Dragon Kingdom? But according to records, the Dragon Kingdom perished more than 20 years ago!”

“Yes, that’s what I remembered. Let me try to search for it.”

Huang Guoqiang searched the Internet for its history and finally found a clue in a report about insignia collecting.

The report listed the history of the development of insignias in several countries.

Among them was the sungrass insignia, which was the emblem of the Dragon Kingdom in the last century. In the old black and white photo, there was an old man with a similar insignia on his chest.

“This is the one. Do you think it looks similar? The third king of the Dragon Kingdom had

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