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Xu Xiyan frowned as she found Li Zhonghao’s action to be inappropriate.

Xu Xiyan did accept his apologies by having her room upgraded, but Li Zhonghao did not stop there and continued to give her benefits that Shen Mengyuan also had.

His intention was so clear that Shen Mengyuan would not notice.

After the waiter served them their food, he left.

Huang Guoqiang thanked Li Zhonghao before he turned to Xu Xiyan and gave her a doubtful look.

It was as if he was trying to ask Xu Xiyan what would happen if Huo Yunshen found out that Li Zhonghao was making a move on her.

Xu Xiyan could only shrug and give him an innocent look.

On the other hand, Shen Mengyuan could not believe what Li Zhonghao had just done.

“Zhonghao, why are you giving them free food?” Shen Mengyuan asked.

“They are our guests, I’ll have to show them my best hospitality, shouldn’t I?” Li Zhonghao replied while he kept peeking at Xu Xiyan.

Shen Mengyuan also noticed where his eyes were at and scolded, “Then why didn’t my crew get the same hospitality too? Could it be that you have eyes for someone else?”

“Come on, don’t overthink it,” Li Zhonghao said. “Here, let me feed you.”

And him feeding her proved to be useful, as Shen Mengyuan quieted down.

But her heart still ached as she knew that Li Zhonghao was clearly into Xu Xiyan.

Then again, it should be normal for a man to stare at a beautiful woman. Shen Mengyuan deeply believed that Li Zhonghao would not make any moves against Xu Xiyan as she was Huo Yunshen’s wife.

The title of Mrs. Huo was something that could keep most men away.

But ever since Li Zhonghao gave the crew a free meal, the gifts for Xu Xiyan had increased.

Good food and flowers would always appear in Xu Xiyan’s room.

And when Xu Xiyan wanted to have a stroll in the city, a car would be waiting for her outside the hotel.

Even the crew began to notice the over-hospitality towards Xu Xiyan that Li Zhonghao was showing.

Some even began to talk about it.

“Hey, could it be that Mr. Li is interested in Jing Xi?”

“But I thought he has a fiancé?”

“You’re right, but I still refuse to believe that he doesn’t have something for Jing Xi. Look, another gift came.”

The hotel manager came in and handed tickets to their spa to the crew and said, “Miss Jing, this is a promotion ticket to use our hotel’s spa for free. It’s on the 15th floor.”

“I don’t need it, thank you,” Xu Xiyan refused, not taking any interest in Li Zhonghao’s gifts as she did not want another scandal to surface.

“But… We’ll be troubled if we go back with these tickets.”

“Then we’ll take these tickets in Jing Xi’s place,” one of the girls from the crew said. Even if Xu Xiyan did not want them, it did not mean that the other girls weren’t interested.

After the manager left, one of the girls asked Xu Xiyan, “Why don’t we go together? It’s free, after all.”

“No thanks, I’m a bit worn out. You girls can go

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