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“Oh my! This is so nice! I dare guarantee that when these two songs are released, they will be so popular that you’ll hear them everywhere.”

Xu Xiyan was full of joy. She felt that to be able to find a talented husband like Huo Yunshen was indeed the luckiest thing in her life.

After humming to the music for a while, Xu Xiyan thought of something. She asked, “Dear, when do you think Landscape will be released? Will anyone watch it when the time comes?”

She was somewhat worried. She was afraid that she would ruin her mother’s legacy work. She was afraid that it would be harshly criticized.

“It should be after your birthday, around New Year’s Day.” Huo Yunshen encouraged her, “Don’t worry, as long you’re acting in it, someone will definitely watch it.”


Xu Xiyan’s birthday was on the eve of Christmas, on December 24th.As she calculated the days, she found that there weren’t many days left.

As long as she thought about the release of the film, Xu Xiyan’s heart was filled with anticipation.

“Yes. My wife is so beautiful, how could anyone not see it?”

“Oh, you’re so full of yourself!” Xu Xiyan chided him. The man knew how to brag all the time.

In fact, Xu Xiyan’s fears were superfluous.

As long as Landscape was handed over to Huo Yi Jing to package and promote, it was guaranteed that its release would be a roaring success.

Furthermore, Landscape had a good script; its release would definitely not be bad.

After the shoot of Landscape was wrapped up, Huang Guoqiang handed over the postproduction work to Huo Yi Jing’s media company.

He planned to take a break for some time and prepare his wedding with Qi Liya.

As for Xu Xiyan, after finishing the shoot of a movie and a TV series, she shifted all her focus to the filming of Deep in the Shadows of the Stars.

She and Huo Yunshen had always cooperated with each other in the shoot very well. The shooting process was also very smooth and there weren’t many retakes. If they were to keep to this rate of progress, it could be estimated that the shoot would be completed before the New Year.

Recently, there had been many advertisements offers, but Xu Xiyan did not participate in their auditions. Xiao Yuqian had accepted an invitation to attend a variety show for her; the show was called “Legendary Star Chef.”

Xu Xiyan had seen the introduction of “Legendary Star Chef” so she knew a little about it. She knew that the slogan of this program was “You can eat good food and have love too” and it was a gourmet showdown between celebrities.

At the end of the competition, three winners would be selected. The grand prize winner would receive 5 million yuan for charity. This money would go to the care of left-behind children and autistic children.

This was a public welfare activity. Xiao Yuqian believed that the publicity gained from participating in such an event was much better than accepting ten product endorsements.

Xu Xi

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