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Chapter 954: Give Her Strength That Comforted Her

“This painting is the last masterpiece of the late Mr. Totres, the great oil painter of the last century. It was auctioned at the National Exhibition Center of Estan, and it was our president who had spent a fortune to win the bid. Oh, I forgot to tell you that our president used to be a big fan of your mother. He loves listening to her violin performance.”

For now, Qi Fang could only explain so much. As for the lost relationship her mother and the President had shared together before, it was better not to mention it.

Xu Xiyan finally understood. So that explained it. She did not expect the President to be a fan of her mother.

As she stared at the oil painting, her eyes began to moisten, a layer of faint mist clouding her eyes.

I really miss mother!

Suddenly she felt someone squeezing her shoulder. She turned to look. It was her husband, gripping her shoulder with his strong hand, giving her strength that comforted her.

Xu Xiyan rested her head on Huo Yunshen’s shoulder as the two looked at the oil painting together.

“Do you know that your back is beautiful too? When I have time, I’ll find someone to draw you a picture too,” Huo Yunshen said softly. “Oh, not only one. They’re going to draw lots of pictures of you and we can bequeath those paintings to our children, our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren…”

“Heh… what grandchildren and great-grandchildren? It’s too early to say that! We don’t even have a son yet!”

Xu Xiyan felt better after being amused by Huo Yunshen’s words.

“Who said so? Maybe he is already in your stomach!”

Huo Yunshen reached out and touched her belly. Xu Xiyan laughed, slapped away his hand and slipped away from him. “I’m not going to give birth to a son for you.”

“Oh, being disobedient now, are you?”

The man caught up to her.

Their group followed the spiral staircase of the castle, going up one step at a time before they finally came to the observatory at the top of the castle.

Their eyes widened at the view as they stood here. They could see everything from here and the vague overall layout of the Rose Garden.

Ni Xuelin pointed at the contours of garden walls and said, “Guys, do you think this garden looks like a very large rose?”

“Yes, it is a rose,” Qi Fang answered, then added, “If you were to look down from a plane, it is indeed a giant rose.”

“Whose idea is this? The mastermind of this place actually made the Rose Garden into the shape of a rose and built the castle on a lake in the middle of the rose. Also, the castle looks like a crescent moon. It is really too creative,” Ni Xuelin said, sighing in awe.

Qi Fang didn’t answer her question this time. He only said to himself inwardly: All of this was personally designed by the President himself!

Xu Xiyan also felt that the buildings here were very unique. “I’m really curious. Which woman did the President build this castle for? I gu

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