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Chapter 936: Savored Her From Top To Bottom

Her voice was too seductive and alluring. After Huo Yunshen listened to it, he felt fire rousing inside him.

Originally, he didn’t want to touch her tonight, but now, he had a hard time controlling himself.

He pulled her into his arms, forced her head around and directly kissed her on her lips.


Fuzzy minded, Xu Xiyan’s breath was taken away by Huo Yunshen’s dominance.

In the bathroom, the man savored her once again from top to bottom before taking her back to the bedroom to rest.

Xu Xiyan was completely exhausted. She fell asleep soundly as soon as she hit the bed.

On a quiet night, some people were sleeping soundly, but there were also some people who could not sleep.

The white building of the presidential palace was still lit with lights.

Helian Wei, who had been living here alone, smoked a cigarette alone as he gazed at the girl in his pocket watch quietly.

His little moon.

No matter how much time passed, he found that she would always be the most beautiful moonlight in his heart.

Back then on the eve of his succession in the presidency, he encountered assassins and was pursued. He had been seriously injured, and it was Little Moon who had saved his life.

In those days when he had brief memory loss, he fell in love with the smart and beautiful girl.

While they were getting along, the two fell in love with each other.

Later, when he recovered his memory and remembered his identity, he remembered that he already had a fiancé, Yun Xuerou.

He didn’t love Yun Xuerou. They had become engaged for a political marriage. The one he loved was Little Moon; she was the one he wanted to marry.

In order to be with Little Moon, he did not hesitate to propose dissolution of the marriage, and he also did not hesitate to give up his right to succession as the next president. However, after he gave up everything to find her, he discovered that she was sleeping with another man in a hotel…

It was a great blow to his heart. On that rainy night, he and Little Moon tragically broke up.

He returned to where he was meant to be and became the new president. As for her, she completely disappeared from his life.

That period of time was the sweetest and also the most painful experience of his life. For many years, he was unwilling to look back, unwilling to speak about that woman, unwilling to touch at those painful memories.

Until the last time, when his son Helian Qingyu was attacked during his tour to the south and he met a girl who looked like Little Moon in the hospital. It was as though a wind had blown away all the dust covering the past.

After that, he had finally made up his mind and got Jin Xiu to investigate whether Little Moon was doing fine.

But when news about her came, it broke his heart.

Little Moon was dead.

She had taken her own life more than twenty years ago.

He did not believe it!


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