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Chapter 940: To A Point That Was Frightening

Helian Wei had heart disease and he knew that his life may be in danger any time, so he had already prepared his will in advance.

After his death, Helian Qingyu would succeed him as president. 70% of his property would go to Helian Qingyu, and 30% would go to his legal wife.

The right of succession of his heir was made clear and there was nothing in his will anyone could dispute.

But now, he wanted to make a minor adjustment. “I want to give the Moon Castle and the Rose Garden to Jing Xi.”

Qi Fang knew that the Moon Castle and the Rose Garden were never stated in his will; they were still under Helian Wei’s name and were yet to be sorted out. But now, he suddenly wanted to give these two properties, which were valued at more than 10 billion, to someone else. Why?

“Jing Xi? She is…”

What Qi Fang wanted to be clear about was: Who is Jing Xi? And what is her relationship with the President?

“Yes, it’s her.”

Helian Wei handed Jing Xi’s photos and information over to Qi Fang. As Qi Fang glanced at the files for the first time, he took off his glasses in astonishment, then put them back on again. He said in disbelief, “My god… Your Excellency, is she Madam Jing and your daughter?”

As a private lawyer working exclusively for Helian Wei, Qi Fang knew everything about Helian Wei, including the fact that he had fallen in love with a girl of an exotic nationality named Jing Ruyue more than 20 years ago. He had even been willing to give up his post as president for the girl.

Unfortunately, the two did not stay together. The girl had betrayed him and their breakup had struck a huge blow to Helian Wei, causing him to live in the shadow of the heartbreak for many years, refusing to speak about any topic related to Jing Ruyue.

“No!” Helian Wei’s eyes were filled with sorrow as he shook his head. “She is Little Moon’s daughter, but she is not mine. Little Moon is dead and I just wanted to contribute something for her.”

After finishing his words, Helian Wei put his head in his hands and lowered his head, a deep sadness overwhelming him.

Qi Fang was surprised to hear that Jing Ruyue was dead but he also understood Helian Wei’s feelings. To him, the death of the Little Moon was undoubtedly a second blow to his heart.

For so many years, he had spent his life hating that woman and trying to forget her. But he never realized that the woman had long been rooted deep in his soul.

He had never forgotten her. For that woman, he had been living a life of abstinence.

It seemed to Qi Fang that: their president was simply so infatuated with her to a point that was frightening.

If he hadn’t accidentally had a son like Helian Qingyu, he suspected that Helian Wei would never have made an heir.

“I understand. My condolences to you, your Excellency,” Qi Fang comforted him, then thought about something. He asked again, “If you adjust your will, what if your wife

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