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Chapter 962: Tried To Kiss Her On Her Lips

“If not me, who do you think gave you the flowers?”

Mo Yutian raised his ink-dark eyebrows and looked at her with a faint smile.

Xu Xiyan thought that it was Huo Yunshen who had invited her to lunch. Not only did she think it was him, but even Wandou thought so too.

But now, the person who showed up was actually Mo Yutian?

“Sorry, I think I’ve made a mistake. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go now. My husband is still waiting for me.”

Xu Xiyan stood up and picked up her bag, getting ready to leave.

But Mo Yutian suddenly got up and grabbed her wrist. He said as he tried to make her stay, “Please don’t go, Yim. It is my wish to treat you to a meal. Can’t you honor me this little request?”

He was making use of the old friendship between them to retain her. Xu Xiyan felt very troubled.

Eating a meal together as friends wasn’t a big deal. But the problem was that she shouldn’t be too intimate with other men; she didn’t want her husband to misunderstand and be angry.

“Sorry, I accept your goodwill, but we can forego this lunch!”

Xu Xiyan was not a fool. From Mo Yutian’s eyes and his various actions, she could see that he had a strong and persistent desire to possess. Thus, it was more important than ever that she must not give him any chances.

She wanted to retract her hand and leave this place, but Mo Yutian never had the intention of letting her go.

He didn’t want to lose his opportunity this time. Once lost, it would be even difficult if he wanted to invite her out alone next time.

He directly pulled her and pressed her against the wall, trapping her between his arms.

He blocked her with his tall figure and his dark eyes were filled with fervor as he said to her, “Don’t you see my heart for you? When you became my psychological counselor three years ago, I could not… forget you again.”

They were too close together. Xu Xiyan could feel danger emanating from the man.

She told him very seriously, “I know, Mr. Mo. But you should know that I’m someone’s wife now. I’m already married, and my husband and I are very much in love. So as for you, I really cannot give you an answer. I’m very sorry.”

“But so what?” Mo Yutian was being unusually stubborn. “What is so good about Huo Yunshen? Whatever he has, I also have it. Whatever he can give you, I can give you ten times as much. Yim, it would only be fair if you could choose again!”

He hoped to have a fair competition with Huo Yunshen, but Xu Xiyan was not willing to choose again.

She would love the person she had chosen for her whole life. She would firmly walk the path she had chosen with determination.

Xu Xiyan shook her head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Mo. I know that you’re a very capable man. But loving someone has nothing to do with his capabilities. Even if there was no Huo Yunshen, I would never fall in love with you.”

“Why? Is it because of my leg?”

Mo Yutian couldn’t figure

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