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Chapter 959: He’s the Main Actor?

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The filming crew for Sceneries returned back to Zstan safely.

The incident that happened in Estan was quite a bad memory for them.

Since only a small part of the outdoor filming part was left, Huang Guoqiang planned to finish it in the studio.

Xu Xiyan heard the good news from Jinxi Studio the second day after she’d return.

Our Beautiful Bygone Days had premiered the day before.

Since Xu Xiyan was on the plane during the premiere, she could not make it in time.

The movie was a huge hit, garnering more than 250 million yuan on the second day with an 8.0 rating on IMDB.

The profit from the movie was more than what Xu Xiyan had expected when she had spent 10 million on the studio.

It was a great start for Xu Xiyan’s career, and she had to thank Huo Yijing for it.

With the movie being a huge hit, Jinxi Studio became known in the acting industry, and Lu Zeyan was hoping to move forward with another movie while the heat was still there.

“Boss, have you thought about my proposal?” Lu Zeyan asked Xu Xiyan.

All of the actors and actresses for the minor characters were decided; the only one that was left was the female protagonist.

Xu Xiyan checked her schedule, noticing that the filming for Sceneries was past the mid-point and the filming for Beauty of the World was approaching the final part. With the time she had left, she accepted Lu Zeyan’s proposal.

The opening ceremony for Deep in the Shadow of the Stars was held before they began filming, but the main actor did not attend the ceremony.

Xu XIyan kept wondering who Lu Zeyan had invited to play the part, and her question was finally answered when she met Huo Yunshen, with makeup on, after she’d finished her makeup.

Huo Yunshen wore a bespoke suit and stood tall not far from her with one of his hands in his pocket as he stared at Xu Xiyan.

“It’s you?” Xu Xiyan asked as she ran towards Huo Yunshen as if no one was around them, jumping into his arms.

It was a huge surprise for her.

She’d thought about asking Huo Yunshen to take on the role, but she knew that he was too busy for it.

“I wanted to give you a surprise,” Huo Yunshen whispered.

“Thank you! Did you know I wrote the whole novel for you?”

That was why he decided to play the role. Because he wanted to fulfill her wish.

They stared at each other and couldn’t stop themselves from kissing each other.

Their action attracted every person’s eyes onto them as people were staring at them kissing.

“Look over there, they’re just showing their affections out in the open.”

“Oh my god, it’s so embarrassing to even look at them.”

“Hey, come on, this is something you don’t see every day. Looks like we don’t have to worry about the kissing scene in the movie.”

“You’re right. They don’t even have to fake it.”

Lu Zeyan had already warned his crew to be prepared since

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