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Chapter 972: Experience What It Is Like To Become A Slut

“Well, let’s give her a dose of her own medicine.”

Ruthlessness flashed across Xu Xiyan’s eyes. She was not going to be soft-hearted to anyone who tried to harm her.

The two returned to the dinner gathering quietly. Xu Xiyan settled back in her seat normally as though nothing had happened.

Seeing that Jing Xi had returned, Yang Wenxue pretended to show her concern. “Sister Jing Xi, Wandou was looking for you for something? Is it settled?”

“It’s nothing. It is that time of the month for her and she came to ask if I have any sanitary pads. I don’t have any. Do you have any?”

“Oh, I think I have one.”

Generally, girls would keep sanitary pads in their bags, just in case. As Xu Xiyan asked this question, Yang Wenxue just happened to have one.

She turned around for her bag and looked inside for it. After finding it, she gave it to Xu Xiyan. Xu Xiyan went out for a moment and then came back. The problem was settled.

“Jing Xi, let me give you a toast again. Until now you haven’t had a drink!”

Yang Wenxue lifted her glass again. Xu Xiyan picked up hers, touched glasses with her and then took a drink.

While Yang Wenxue was drinking, she secretly peered at Xu Xiyan, watching her take the wine into her tummy. She smirked inwardly. A good show was about to start.

Afterward, several people came to give her a toast and Xu Xiyan finished her wine. After putting down her glass, she rubbed her forehead.

Yang Wenxue came over and asked, “Sister Jing Xi, are you alright?”

Xu Xiyan waved a hand at her. “I can’t drink too much. I’ll become dizzy even after drinking half a glass. Oh, I feel so dizzy.”

“Would you like me to send you back to rest?”

“Well, okay. Sorry to trouble you.”

And so, Xu Xiyan pretended to be drunk while Yang Wenxue supported her under her arm as they left the dinner gathering.

Yang Wenxue did not send her back. Instead at the elevator, she directly pushed the button for the hotel rooms floor and took her to the room she had checked-in in advance.

After entering, Yang Wenxue pushed her toward the bed. Xu Xiyan fell onto the bed, looking completely groggy.

She struggled to get up but fell down again.

“Where is this… why am I so dizzy… so hot…”

That’s right! You’re supposed to feel hot!

Just wait and see what’s in store for you later!

“Sister Jing Xi… Sister Jing Xi?”

Yang Wenxue observed her for a while. After seeing that she was already in an unconscious state, she picked up her phone and dialed a number. “Hello? Come over here guys! She’s ready.”

After notifying them, she called the police. “Hello, is this the police station? I want to make a report! There’re some people taking drugs and having an orgy in room no. 8088 at XX hotel…”

After making two calls, Yang Wenxue turned to leave. But she felt someone tugging at her trousers.

She looked down. It was Jing Xi, looking very da

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