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Chapter 956: Come Try If You Dare Touch Them

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Seeing that Huang Guoqiang refused to pay, the tattooed man became even more bad-tempered. He warned him, “Our boss Wu Ye is the law! If you refuse to pay up, that’s fine too. We’ll let these beautiful girls in your crew accompany our boss and we can forget about this matter today. Brothers! Take them away!”

The tattooed man actually had his mind on ​​Xu Xiyan and the other women. His lackeys obeyed him, coming over to catch them.

Seeing that the other party was stirring up trouble, Ye Xun stepped in front of Xu Xiyan and Ni Xuelin and the other girls, protecting them. He narrowed his dark eyes, grinding his teeth as he said, “Come try if you dare touch them. My fists are not to be trifled with!”

Ye Xun had already recognized them from their clothing and insignias—they were from the Dark Zone.

He saw the black mandala mark on one of the men’s arm.

“Heh! How bold of you! So you want to die, eh? I can help with that!”

The tattooed man waved. His men charged forward and fought with Ye Xun.

Ni Xuelin was very worried seeing that her brother was fighting with so many people by himself. “What are we going to do, Jing Xi? Can my brother beat them?”

Xu Xiyan comforted her, “Don’t worry, there’s still me!”

Ye Xun had been idle for a long time. His hands just happened to feel itchy right now and he felt like working out his hands.

The men of the film crew saw that there were many men in the other party and Ye Xun had to deal with the lot of them all by himself, so they joined in to help.

Though they were not trained in martial arts, they had the strength. They took up objects such as benches and frames as weapons and began to fight with the hooligans.

Xu Xiyan was not idling either. With her quick hands and sharp eyes, she mowed them down one by one.

More than twenty hooligans were quickly and ruthlessly dealt with. They were sprawled all over on the ground, some looking for their teeth. Their leader, the tattooed man, had already slipped away.

The film crew was not affected. Ye Xun called for backup and all the hooligans were dragged off to the Estan Police Station.

Just as they thought that this was the end of it, nobody expected that after the tattooed man fled, he quickly brought another large gang of men over.

With long knives and batons in each of their hands, the gang of men headed towards them like a black wall closing around them.

This scene was just like the mafia in the TV shows; they would intimidate their rivals with an imposing entrance first.

Someone in the crew saw the group of men coming and quickly informed the director. Seeing that they were in a bad situation, Huang Guoqiang told Ye Xun to take all the women in the crew and leave quickly.

But who knew that the back exit was also blocked.

They were also surrounded by a group of men coming from behind. These men

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