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Chapter 948: Until There Was Free Time To Settle This Matter Again

Yun Xuerou continued to urge him, “Brother Xie, it must be really hard on you, guarding her for so many years. Now that her daughter had already grown up, why don’t you make their daughter pay their debts?”

Mo Xie was not a fool. He snorted, “You just want to borrow my own hands to get rid of that girl. Do I speak the truth?”

“No. What I meant was, her daughter is younger and more beautiful. With such a young and beautiful girl, you don’t have to continue looking at this cold and lifeless woman.”

She planned to let Mo Xie capture Jing Xi and replace Jing Ruyue with her. By doing so, Mo Xie would have a new love and he could forget his old love.

If she could torment Jing Xi and get rid of Jing Ruyue at the same time, she would be killing two birds with one stone.

But it was a pity that if Mo Xie was the kind of person who would discard the old for the new, he wouldn’t have stubbornly guarded the woman for decades.

He knew what Yun Xuerou was planning, but he had to warn her, “I don’t care what you’re planning to do, but there’s only one thing: you’re not allowed to hurt her.”

Mo Xie’s attitude showed that he would not leave this place for someone insignificant to him.

Yun Xuerou understood that the “her” he had just mentioned referred to Jing Ruyue.

Surely enough, that madman Mo Xie would not care about anything else other than Jing Ruyue.

Forget it, she might as well think of something herself!

Yun Xuerou took her leave. Before leaving, she added, “Brother Xie, if I were to match Ling-Er and Qingyu as a couple, would you object?”

Mo Xie did not answer and only faced away from her.

Yun Xuerou knew that Mo Xie was a coldhearted person. If they were not the children of his beloved woman, he would not care.

It seemed she could not touch Jing Ruyue for the time being. If that was the case, she could only think of a way to deal with her daughter.

At Yunjing Villa.

During breakfast, one of Huo Yunshen’s staff came to deliver information relating to Lady Camellia. He handed the files to Xu Xiyan.

“Dear, this is the information you wanted relating to Lady Camellia.”

Xu Xiyan took the files from him and looked through them. She found that the introduction of Lady Camellia was very official.

Lady Camellia had a certain reputation in Estan, and the Lancha Society was also a very influential women’s organization. This organization had always been engaged in caring for women and children and it was supported by the government.

“On the surface, it is impossible to tell what kind of person Lady Camellia is.”

“Yeah, many people would put on a façade.”

Huo Yunshen also felt that it might take a lot of effort to find out information about Lady White Tea.

“Let’s talk about it later. I have to go for my shoot soon.”

Xu Xiyan felt that based on the information, it was impossible to tell whether L

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