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Chapter 939: The Worst Possible Thing to Come True

Yet the truth was right in front of his eyes, and it proved that he was overthinking it.

“Mr. President, are you all right?”

“I’m fine…” Helian Wei said and remained silent for a while before he continued. “Notify Mr. Qi, tell him I want to make some changes to my will.”

“Yes, sir!”

Le Xiu quickly contacted their lawyer, Mr. Qi.

In the Red Tower, You Jin handed an envelope to Yun Xuerou, and she opened it with her shaking hands.

She took out the document that was in it and read the contents.

[Mr. Feng and Miss Jing: 99.999999% match.]

The result showed that Helian Wei and Jing Xi were indeed father and daughter.

It was as if someone had hit her as Yun Xuerou stared at the document without moving a muscle.

The worst possible thing that she imagined could happen happened.

Jing Ruyue had a child without Yun Xuerou knowing.

The only thing that was in her favor was that she had noticed Helian Wei tried to have a paternity test beforehand

She couldn’t help but grin when imagining Helian Wei’s disappointed face when he read the fake document that You Jin had prepared.

It was at that moment when the spy Yun Xueru had put beside Helian Wei came rushing in and said, “Ma’am! The President has invited Mr. Qi over!”


Yun Xuerou knew that Mr. Qi was Helian Wei’s personal lawyer and Helian Wei trusted that lawyer very much. Mr. Qi was the person responsible for Helian Wei’s will.

She wondered if Helian Wei was going to make some changes to his will and ordered her spy, “Go and see what they are going to do.”

For the past few years, Yun Xuerou had been recruiting spies all around the mansion just to stop Helian Wei from looking for Jing Ruyue or falling for other women.

Even though Helian Wei never loved her and never even touched her body, she still could not stand him having an affair with other women.

And to her favor, Helian Wei never had any scandals.

The only thing that angered Yun Xuerou was when Helian Wei suddenly made a pit stop at Jing Ruyue’s grave when he visited Zstan.

She was lucky that she had hidden Jing Ruyue beforehand.

And she would never let Helian Wei know that Jing Xi was indeed her daughter.

A middle-aged man with glasses and a black briefcase walked into the White Tower after being checked.

That man walked into the study room and said, “Mr. President. Do you need anything?”

“Come, have a seat.”

A servant came in with two cups of coffee, but neither of the two people in the study noticed the servant’s doing.

There was a pill-sized bug placed in the sugar cup.

Since the President’s mansion would go through counter-intelligence checks every day, there was no way the servant could pre-plant the bug in the room.

The only way was to leave it in a place where he could remove it when it had done its job.

“I need you to make some changes to my will,” Helian Wei sa

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