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Chapter 969: Too Intense To Watch

“Yeah, I just hit you!” Lan Ling’er scolded. “You’re just a bitch!”

“Yeah, I just hit you! You’re just a bitch!” Alice replied like a robot.

“Are you insane? You’re dead, I tell you! You’re dead!” Lan Ling’er shouted and pulled Alice’s hair.

“Are you insane? You’re dead, I tell you! You’re dead!” Alice replied with the same words as she pulled Lan Ling’er’s hair too.

The two girls fought each other until Mo Yutian heard them and ran back.

Alice was fully naked as scratches could be seen on her body while Lan Ling’er’s clothes were torn into many places.

They kept pulling on each other’s hair and waving their fists around. The fight was just too intense to watch.

“Alice! Stop! Let her go!” Mo Yutian ordered.

But Alice did not listen to him and bit Lan Ling’er on her ear which made her cry out loudly.

Mo Yutian was forced to separate the two girls on his own.

“Ling’er! What the hell are you doing?” Mo Yutian scolded as he pulled his sister out of the study room.

“What do you mean, ‘what am I doing?'” Lan Ling’er bit back. “Have you ever thought about how I would feel doing that with her? That girl almost shot me last time!”

Lan Ling’er was angry at her brother for not avenging her even when the girl who hurt her had been captured by him.

“You’re wrong! That’s not Jing Xi,” Mo Yutian could not help but tell her the truth.


“She’s just a copy I’ve made, a clone,” Mo Yutian explained.

“She’s a clone?”

The girl that Lan Ling’er fought was completely the same as Jing Xi, and it made Lan Ling’er curious.

Yet other than her appearance, Alice was nothing like Jing Xi. Lan Ling’er could tell from how Alice was copying her words and actions.

Lan Ling’er was depressed, as she had just had a big fight with a clone without knowing anything.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Lan Ling’er asked.

“Since when do I have to tell you what I am doing?” Mo Yutian asked back.

He was right, Lan Ling’er had no say in what he chose to do.

“Why did you create that clone?” Lan Ling’er asked.

She knew that there was more than just having fun.

“Wait,” Lan Ling’er suddenly said as she guessed. “Could it be that you’re planning to switch the clone with the real one?”

“Looks like you’ve’ gotten smarter,” Mo Yutian said without any expression as he picked up a dart and threw it towards the board.

“But why does it have to be her? Isn’t the clone enough?” Lan Ling’er asked, unable to understand Mo Yutian’s actions.

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