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“You and your smart mouth,” Xu Xiyan scolded as she took a sniff of the flower.

“Oh, is my mouth the only good thing?” Huo Yunshen whispered next to her ear and blew it slightly.

Xu Xiyan could feel the wind from his mouth shuffling past her ears, and she was aroused by it.

“Hey! Get away from me!” Xu Xiyan blushed and ran away like a little rabbit.

“Mummy! Daddy! Look! It’s a castle!” Ying Bao shouted as she pointed at the castle excitedly.

The adults had already noticed the white castle sitting tall in the center of Tongxin Lake.

The castle looked like a white swan floating on water from far away.

They walked past the beautiful Rose Garden before arriving at the lakeside.

They walked towards the castle on a crescent-shaped bridge that linked to the castle.

“Mummy! There are swans in the lake!” Ying Bao shouted as she noticed two white swans in the lake.

“You’re right!” Xu Xiyan replied as they looked at the white swans with their heads together, forming a heart shape.

They walked past the bridge and arrived at the castle. They only realize how small they were when they stood in front of the castle. It was way more majestic than looking at it from far away.

Qi Fang made a phone call, and the guards lowered the castle’s drawbridge.

They entered the castle via the drawbridge and were finally able to witness the decorations in the castle.

The castle was decorated with various wallpapers, chandeliers, and crystals. Every part of the decoration was a masterpiece and could be worth millions.

They couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Ying Bao ran along the long hallway happily until they entered a large hall, it felt as if they’d entered a gallery.

Different canvases were hung on the wall, most of them being oil paintings of scenery.

The painting that hung in the middle of the room was the only portrait.

The back of a woman playing on a violin was painted on the canvas. The woman was so pretty that it almost compelled them to walk to the back of the painting to take a look at her face.

The first thing that the painting reminded Xu Xiyan of was her mother.

“Mr. Qi, who is the woman in the painting?” Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but ask.

Qi Fang looked at the painting and explained, “That is the Violin Diva that rocked the world once, Miss Artemis.”

“My mum?”

Xu Xiyan was shocked and stared at the back of the woman in the painting as an indescribable emotion filled her heart.

She never thought that she would find a portrait of her mother in a castle in a foreign country.

She was curious as to why there was a painting of her mother in the castle.

“I don’t get it. Why is there a painting of my mum in the castle?”

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