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The room manager opened the door for the police, then they swarmed into the room with their guns.

When they barged into the room, they saw a big mess in the room. Everyone was naked. A few men were with a woman…

This was really outrageous!

“Freeze! Don’t move! Squat down and put your hands up!”

All the men in the room put their hands to their heads and squatted down. When Yang Wenxue was arrested, she was quite dazed.

They were all taken back to the police station. The police tested them and found traces of IK-99 on Yang Wenxue, confirming that she had taken the new type of drug within the last hour.

Because of drug abuse and the orgy party, Yang Wenxue and the several men were detained by the police.

Under the police’s strict interrogation, Yang Wenxue finally confessed the source where she had obtained new IK-99 drug—it turned out she had obtained it from Xu Xinrou.

But because Xu Xinrou’s disappearance case had yet to be solved, their investigation for the source of the drug could only stop here.

However, during the interrogation process, the police unveiled Yang Wenxue’s other identity. It turned out that she was the martial arts actress, Yang Qiong, who had committed incest with her own uncle back then.

After being covered up by her company, she went through plastic surgery and then brought financial backing to the film production she was to join. Nobody had thought that she would get involved with drugs this time.

When Yang Wenxue was exposed as Yang Qiong, it caused heated discussion among the public. When everyone tried to find out more about Yang Wenxue, they naturally found out about the drama The Beauty of the World that she had acted in.

They all found out that she had played the third female lead in the drama and she had plenty of scenes with Jing Xi.

Everyone could not help but jeer at her. Yang Qiong used to be an A-list actress and she had a bright future ahead of her. It was after the poll for the new first female lead for The Root of Evil and the ROSUE endorsement incident that she ruined her own stardom.

It was really just like the saying: if you don’t make trouble, you will not suffer. Yang Qiong was the typical example of someone being punished by the troubles she had stirred up herself.

Because of Yang Qiong’s affairs, the entertainment circle was buzzing with her stories. From a certain point of view, it was also free publicity for the drama The Beauty of the World.

Anyway, Yang Qiong’s criminal conduct was done on her own volition. It had nothing to do with the production crew, nor did it affect the broadcast of The Beauty of the World.

Thanks to the public’s critical discussions of her, the viewing ratings for The Beauty of the World rose steadily, reaching a new high.

This was the second ancient Chinese historical drama Xu Xiyan had participated in. In the first drama, she was just an insignificant little palace maiden. Whereas in the second drama,

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