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Chapter 945: An Incredible Surprise

“Really?” Huo Yunshen smiled and showed his arm to her. Xu Xiyan understood his intention and held his arm as they walked back to the base.

Xu Xiyan was really proud of herself for being able to find such a cool and handsome husband.

As soon as they entered the base, a little kid rushed over to them.

“Mummy!” Ying Bao shouted as she hugged her mother’s leg and rubbed her face on it like a puppy.

“Ying Bao?”

Xu Xiyan was too surprised. She never thought that she would meet her daughter there and lifted her up, kissing her on both of her cheeks.

“Oh, I’ve missed you so much!”

“Mummy, did you not eat anything here?” Ying Bao asked as she held her mother’s face. “Your face looks thinner.”

“That’s because all I could do lately was think about you.”

“That’s why I’m here!” Ying Bao said and checked around her. “Where’s daddy?”

Ying Bao could not recognize Huo Yunshen in his uniform and sunglasses.

“He’s right here! How could you not recognize him?” Xu Xiyan laughed.

Huo Yunshen took off his sunglasses and pinched Ying Bao’s cheek.

“Oh! Daddy! I thought you were some charming looking uncle!” Ying Bao said as she stared at Huo Yunshen. “I never thought that my dad could be this good looking!”

“What about me? I’m good looking too!” Ye Xun shouted as he walked towards them.

“Uncle Treeleaf is good looking, but my daddy is the best!”

There was no way that the adults wouldn’t like such a cute little kid as they laughed.

After their reunion, Ying Bao celebrated her birthday with her parents, Jing Zhannan, Ye Xun, and Jun Yan.

Xu Xiyan was just too happy. She really felt bad for not being able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, but Huo Yunshen had given her a huge surprise.

The family went back to Yunjing Manor, and the little kid was a little confused at how similar it was to her place back in Peijing.

“Daddy, mummy, are we home?”

“Yes, we are.”

“But where is our pretty door?”

Ying Bao really thought that she was back at Shengshi Yujing and was surprised when the crystal door was gone.

“This is our new home,” Xu Xiyan explained. “All right, let’s go take a bath.”

After they had their shower, they lay on the bed as Huo Yunshen told Ying Bao her bedtime story.

The story ended with the prince and princess living happily in a castle.

“Daddy, are castles real?” Ying Bao asked curiously.

“Of course.”

“Oh! I wish I could live in one.”

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