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Chapter 958: A Great Temptation

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News about the Dark Zone’s collapse in Estan quickly spread to Zstan. Reid reported the whole incident to his master truthfully.

After learning that it was JS who had annihilated his stronghold in Estan, Mo Yutian narrowed his eyes.

Very good. Yet another new score to settle.

“Sir, Lady White Tea has sent you a secret message.”

Reid handed over the secret message he had received to Mo Yutian.

Mo Yutian unfolded the paper. After reading it, he threw the paper directly into the fireplace, burning it.

He had already remembered the contents of the secret message: Lady White Tea had asked him for help.

She said that Jing Xi had offended her when she was filming in Estan and she wanted him to harm Jing Xi. But there was no way he would listen to her as he had been implementing a new plan recently.

Mo Yutian asked Reid, “The result of Dr. Simon’s research should be out now?”

“Yes, it is out now, sir.”

At the Tianyu Group Biological Research Laboratory.

Mo Yutian brought his men here. Dr. Simon was already ready; he had ordered his staff to bring out the results of his latest research.

Soon, a girl was wheeled over and placed before Mo Yutian.

Mo Yutian widened his eyes as he gazed at the girl inside the glass before him. Surprise and joy flashed across his eyes.

Dr. Simon introduced proudly, “Mr. Mo, this is the result of my latest research: Alice the clone.”

Alice was very quiet. Her appearance was almost exactly the same as Jing Xi’s. The only difference was her eyes: they were not as lively as Jing Xi’s.

Dr. Simon ordered his assistants to take off the glass cover, exposing Alice completely into the air.

Alice had no mind of her own. She could only parrot what was said for the time being, “Hello, Alice.”

Her voice was also very similar to Jing Xi’s. If Alice and Jing Xi were put together, it would be difficult for outsiders to distinguish them.

“Her appearance is very good. It’s just that her reaction and eyes are greatly lacking.”

Mo Yutian furrowed his brow.

Even though Alice was to replace Jing Xi, she would be immediately exposed if her ability to respond was lacking.

Dr. Simon had already thought it all out. “Don’t worry, sir. Alice has a strong ability to imitate. If she was allowed to observe Jing Xi’s lifestyle, she could learn very quickly.”

Mo Yutian left the biological research laboratory, taking the clone Alice back to Blackwater Manor.

Since he could not get Jing Xi for the time being, it was also a good idea to substitute her with Alice for company.

Thus, Mo Yutian began to train the clone personally.

“Jing Xi, come here and sit.”

Alice did not respond. Mo Yutian held her chin and told her, “From now on, I am your new master. Your name is no longer ‘Alice,’ but ‘Jing Xi.’ Understand?”

“Understand,” Alice replied.

“Good.” Mo Yutian releas

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