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“Huo Yunshen! Mo Yutian!”

Xu Xiyan rushed over without regard to the danger. She only hoped that the two of them would stop. If they opened fire, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Jing Xi! What are you doing? Go back!”

Huo Yunshen saw that Xu Xiyan had come and became even worried. Whether it was his wife or daughter, they were his greatest weakness.

Once they fall into Mo Yutian’s hands, it was going to be very difficult if he wanted to save the situation.

In the distance, the little girl also saw her mother coming. She cried out pitifully, “Mommy…”

Xu Xiyan’s heart was breaking hearing her daughter cry.

Her daughter had just escaped from death last time. She could not just stand by and watch her being threatened by danger.

“I can’t go!”

How could Xu Xiyan go?

Her daughter had been captured, and her husband was still in danger. How could she just protect herself without thinking of them?

Xu Xiyan walked towards where Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian were. She finally stood in front of them and looked directly at Mo Yutian. “Mr. Mo, why did you kidnap my daughter?”

What she could not accept the most was using her child’s life as a bargaining chip.

“She is your daughter?”

Mo Yutian once asked Xu Xinrou whether the child was Jing Xi’s and Huo Yunshen’s, but he got a negative answer. So he had always deceived himself all this time and thought that it was improbable that Jing Xi had children.

But now, after listening to her personally say that the child was her daughter, he was shocked.

“Yes! I had painfully given birth to her after being pregnant for 10 months. She is the crystallization of the love between me and Huo Yunshen. Do you really want to hurt her so cruelly? Do you know what I would do if you hurt her?”

Xu Xiyan was making a psychological attack—on Mo Yutian’s heart.

Didn’t he say that he loved her?

Then, she would gamble—how much did he love her?

Xu Xiyan cried out hysterically, “I’d go crazy, I’d become desperate, and I’d die with you! Your men, and his men—go ahead and fire! We all shall die together!”

Fight to the death.

This would be the worst outcome.

Xu Xiyan stared unblinkingly at Mo Yutian, as large beads of tears fell from her eyes onto the dirt on the ground.

Mo Yutian stared at her tearful eyes. His cold heart suddenly felt heavy with pain as though it had been struck by a strong blow.

After all, he didn’t want this to end up with everyone dead together.

The contest had just started, and it should not end so soon.

Even if it was revenge he wanted, he could not put his life at risk, and he could not even let Jing Xi be harmed.

After being silent for a long while, Mo Yutian finally relented. “Fine. We’ll exchange.”

The two evenly matched sides who stood opposite each other lowered their guns slowly. Ye Xun volunteered to take Mo Yutian to exchange for Ying Bao, but Huo Yunshen did not intend to let someone else do

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